French medium tank D 2

The French medium tank D 2 is a further development of the D1 tank, so to speak modernized. Developed in 1934 by Renault and 50 cars were sold this is the first batch. In 1938, another 50 D 2 tanks were manufactured. From 1936 to 1940, 100 vehicles were manufactured in two series. Tanks of the second series were sometimes called D2bis. Medium tank D 2 entered the troops only in the spring of 1940.

Housing riveted welded construction, cast tower ARX 1 with 47 mm SA34 cannon and 7.5 mm machine gun. The D2 of the second series had a new ARX 4 turret with a 47 mm SA35 cannon. In addition, in May 1940, a certain number of machines of the first series were re-equipped with the ARCH 4 towers.

The French D 2 medium tanks entered service with the 19th tank battalion of the 4th armored division of General de Gaulle, as well as with the recruitment of individual tank companies of 345, 346 and 350th. As part of these units D2 took part in the battles in May – June 1940.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French medium tank D 2 is on level 3. According to the dynamics of the game, the tank is more like a heavy tank due to its low speed and slowness. and that’s not all the tank’s flaws, it also has low one-time damage at its level.

The French medium tank D 2 develops a speed of as much as 23 kilometers per hour, it is difficult to call it a Formula 1 car. With such speed, you can only look at how the allies are fighting with enemy tanks while on high ground. While this tank reaches the enemy base, the Allies and the enemy tanks will have time to be halved. The tank is slow, very slow.

On the French medium tank D 2 it is possible to install guns 47 mm SA34, 25 mm Canon Raccourci mle. 1934, 47 mm SA35, 47 mm SA37. From this choice, perhaps the best would be 47 mm SA37 which deals one-time damage of 55 units, for level 3 it is not enough. Classmates cause more damage and almost always punch. This is another disadvantage of this medium tank.

According to the tactics for the game on the medium tank D 2, we can say that the tank must go, go ahead. And hope to meet with the unfinished enemy tank which has less than 50 units of strength left. Medium tank D 2 can spin most tanks. Better to stick to the cover of the allies. Alone, the medium tank D 2 is a light target. Comfortably to play in urban areas, there is more difficult to spin and easier to hide.