Ghost of Tsushima All armor in the game or Jin Sakai’s armor review and guide

In the game Ghost of Tsushima there are dozens of armor, armor or costumes that directly affect the outcome of the battle. Since they have their own characteristics and advantages in application. Some of the suits of armor are suitable for direct and aggressive contact with enemies in close combat. Others have predominantly stealthy ambush attacks with ranged weapons.

With all the available features of the armor and armor of the protagonist, the main influencing factors are the player’s skill. Even with armor prioritized for ranged attacks, the player can win melee combat. If you dodge enemy attacks in time and deal damage to enemies in a timely manner.

As you progress through the main character Jin Sakai will find new sets of armor and costumes. Some can be obtained by passing the storyline, while others will have to look for or go through additional tasks. In some cases, you will have to work hard and run around in different places to get the right hint.

Found armor can be pumped for resources and give additional priorities in battle. These resources can be “Supplies”, “Linen”, “Leather”, “Silk”. You can get them during the game and the most affordable way is when you defeat enemies. The higher the level of pumped armor, the higher the price in resources.

It is important to note that in the game the main character will also find additional accessories that will not provide additional advantages. They are only considered cosmetic jewelry. Such things are “Masks” and “Bandages”. And can be worn on any set of armor and armor.

About armor and their types in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Broken Armor or Chopped Armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

At the beginning of the game, the main character loses his mighty armor, which is called “Broken Armor”. Initial armor cannot be restored and cannot be upgraded. And they do not give additional priorities in battle. Therefore, you need to immediately start looking for new armor, which can be obtained from the first merchant.

The starting equipment “Broken Armor” does not give the character additional bonuses and priorities. And it is used to cover the naked body of the main character. And also to get a new set of equipment.

Traders can be found in camps. There are three types of merchants in the game, these are arms merchants, clothing and armor merchants, and just merchants. Approaching any first merchant at the beginning of the game, he will report the poor condition of the armor. After examining your battered armor, the merchant will give you a new set of costume. They do not look like armored armor and are more reminiscent of the Traveler’s Garment.

Traveler’s vestments in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

When the character is wearing the Traveler’s Garment set, he gains the ability to hear the wind. The wind, depending on the situation, indicates the direction to secret places. For example, such places can be springs, shrines, ordinary shrines, training grounds, and other artifacts.

In addition, as you move around the area, the fog dissipates 20% more. What makes this type of equipment reconnaissance. And it can significantly simplify the task for beginners in search of secret places, as well as allow you to learn how to navigate in space.

Rhonin’s Garb in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The main character in the story will need to free his uncle from Khan’s captivity. It will be difficult to cope with such a task alone, and the main character begins to look for allies. One of these is the “Ronin Gang”. And the gang is headed by a former friend of the main character Jin Sakaya.

After an alliance with the Ronin gang, the protagonist receives the “Ronin’s Vestment” costume. This type of equipment can be considered the first in the stealth class. The protagonist in the “Ronin’s Vestments” costume gets the ability to move hidden in tall grass and remains invisible for longer. And in melee, there is an additional bonus to damage.

Initially, Rhonin’s Garb will help in most combat encounters. Since the character Jin Sakai can choose suitable places for maneuvers, and attack enemies from hidden places. This gives you an extra chance of winning.

Armor of the Samurai clan in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The main character can get “Armor of the Samurai clan” in the story. In this case, the armor will be similar to those that were broken during the battle at the beginning of the game. And you can get the armor from Lady Mosaku, who, like Jin, is the last of the clan.

The armor is suitable for direct encounters and melee battles. There are bonuses for reducing damage and increasing health. And in case of damage, the character accumulates determination points.

Sakai clan armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

To get the “Sakai clan armor” the main character Jin had to return home. Due to the trauma he suffered when he lost his father, Jin could not find the strength to come back. And when Jin dared to return to the village, he was able to become the owner of the armor of his clan.

The Sakai Clan Armor is an improved version of the Samurai Clan Armor. Since there is a bonus for increasing damage and an increased health reserve. In addition, the armor allows you to fight with a large number of enemies in one round. And there is a bonus to intimidate nearby opponents.

Ghost armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The main character Jin receives the “ghost armor” in the story. Armor changes tactics and battle strategy. He uses more lures and traps in the form of firecrackers, he can use a hook. In most cases, attacks against enemies are delivered using ranged weapons. And after several such tasks and battles, the main character received the status of a ghost.

The ghost armor is more suitable for playing in stealth. Since they give a bonus to reduce detection by enemy fighters. And sometimes it can intimidate nearby opponents.

Armor does not grant bonuses to armor and does not reduce damage taken. For this reason, it is desirable for the character to eliminate most of the enemy fighters from a ranged attack, and already sweat to engage in close combat. This can increase the chances of winning.

Legendary or rare armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Obtainable from musicians who can tell the legend of the warriors. Each warrior can have their own special items or skills that increase the character’s advantage in battle. And it is the musicians who can suggest the locations of rare items from legendary warriors.

Armor of Tadayori or great archer in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The great archer’s armor was blessed by the gods and provides advantages for ranged attacks using a bow. Since wearing the “Armor of the Great Archer” suit gives priority to the speed of drawing the bowstring at the bow. And if you hit an enemy fighter in the head, the time dilation scale is refilled.

Tadayori’s armor is more suitable for players who prefer to keep their distance between enemies. From a long distance, you can safely eliminate enemy fighters and change position after an attack. Since the comrades run to the killed enemy fighter and begin to send a siren through the horn. Then other nearby fighters come running.

Gosaku’s armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Obtainable from an ordinary peasant named Gosaku. Who appropriated armor from the fallen samurai. And he used armor at his will when he defended himself from robbers. The spirit of the samurai of the owner of the armor endowed the peasant Gosaku with the fighting abilities of a samurai.

The armor increases the health reserve and, with successful hits, attacks can stun the enemy. In this case, the stunned enemy cannot inflict a counter attack on the character. And killing stunned enemies restores health to the main character, the owner of the armor.

Kensei’s Armor in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

This armor once belonged to one of the Straw Hats Ronin. Among the members of the clan, this warrior was famous for his cunning and knew how to deceive enemies during the battle. And his victims were innocent people.

The main character Jin Sakai, who has already received the nickname “Ghost” among the people, can enter into a combat clash with Kensei’s ronin. At the request of the ronin Kensei himself, because of his envy and honor of the “Ghost” among the people. After defeating the Straw Hats Ronin, the character Jin Sakai will be able to wield the “Kensei Armor”.

Kensei’s armor gives the main character an increased amount of determination. And they also allow you to inflict increased damage from the “Ghost” weapon. In this case, all enemies that were damaged by the “Ghost” weapon inflict less damage to the character and receive increased health damage.

Armor of the Mongol commander in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

In the third act of the game, you can meet the assistant forge, who specializes in armor. Who knows about forged unique armor by his teacher. The armor was created and divided into parts. We managed to hide one of the pieces of armor. And other parts of the armor were taken by the Mongols and killed by the forge who made this armor.

To get a full set of armor, the character Jin Sakai will first have to go in search of the Mongols who killed the forge and take parts of the armor from them. After that, return to the assistant forge, who will rework and improve the armor.

Armor gives owners good bonuses to health growth and increased damage. Thanks to this, you can feel free and comfortable on the first line of battle, head to head. Or rather in close combat and against several enemy fighters.

The armor has a wonderful bonus that saves time on the passage. In places of open areas and roads, groups of Mongols often move. You have to make a decision to engage with them or go around. And in some cases it is not very advisable. Thanks to the armor, you can freely pass by groups of Mongols without engaging in battle.

The Mongols do not discover the protagonist Jin Sakai unless he is in combat. That is, it moves freely around the location, both on foot and on a horse.

Fundoka’s costume in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

You can get it if you actively collect resources. This type of costume consists of underpants only. its peculiarity lies in the fact that they allow the character to move silently.