Apex Legends aggressive team game action


Each character, of which there are eight, has a unique appearance and unique skills. Abilities – three each: one is passive, one is activated and, finally, the final, especially important, which is habitually called “ulta”.

The developers managed to create truly unique characters – both externally and in terms of gameplay. The archetypes of the characters are simple and quickly recognized: typical “tanks”, attack aircraft and support fighters. The authors simply distributed the skills and abilities already encountered in Titanfall among many legends. A hefty Gibraltar is able to put a protective dome (like the one that covers the titanium after a fall) and closes with a portable shield during aimed fire. The little girl Lifeline calls a healing drone, raises the allies to their feet faster and can order a package with useful items like better first-aid kits and thicker armor. Pathfinder – the ever-radiant robot assistant – and does use the old familiar cat hook; the ability to attract enemies.

Abilities and other skills in Apex Legends are just one more way to be useful regardless of the mood of the random number generator. Even if someone is unlucky with good weapons and he has reached the final stages of the match almost naked, with weak weapons, he can still change the outcome of the decisive exchange of fire in favor of the allies – if he skillfully uses his ability. The stretched smokescreen or sonar marking the last opponent does not depend on luck and remains relevant throughout the whole round: the squad is good and the player is pleased that he contributed to the overall success.

In Apex Legends – only team fights. 60 players fight on the map: two dozen teams of three people each. Before disembarking, you need to choose a character for yourself and wait for the comrades to do it, and there cannot be two identical legends in the team.

There is only one card so far – Kings Canyon. Despite the rather modest size, it is a fairly good set of locations, where there are both open spaces and small villages with cramped houses, and in some places there are huge buildings with a real labyrinth of rooms. Fights rarely occur in the same geometric plane: multi-storey shacks, strange structures, suspended above the ground, outposts, looking at the river in the mouth of the canyon, are just places for ambush and spontaneous skirmishes. They seem to be designed according to the same principle that there are some obstacle courses for acrobats: wherever you are, there will always be a dozen ways to get around the enemy or, on the contrary, be ambushed. Techniques in the game is not at all. Characters run pretty fast, so death outside the circle happens very rarely.

At the beginning of the game, participants parachute into Fortnite from a great height, which allows you to fly to almost any place on the map. Well, and then begins the search for at least some weapons, the first fights with those who landed nearby, the definition of the boundaries of the next ring and the planned movement towards the safe zone along with the collection of valuable weapons. Kill all oncoming or hide to the last – the choice is yours.

The death of one of the allies is not a sentence. First, until he bled out or his enemies finished him off, he can be reanimated by his friend. Secondly, even if it failed, the survivors have a full minute and a half to raise the banner from the corpse. It can be attributed to one of the Renaissance lighthouses, where the deceased will return to life, without weapons, without armor, without anything. In addition, all the lighthouses are marked on the map, and when a fallen player returns, it can be seen from a distance – he arrives in a transport ship. So you have to either prepare for a sudden attack on the “naked” resurgent, or to ambush them yourself – it depends on the situation.