Warcraft 3: Reforged Revival of Legendary RTS 2020 Strategy Game

For several years now, Blizzard Entertainment has been developing a sequel to the legendary Warcraft RTS strategy. And finally, on November 1, 2019, the game entered a beta test called Warcraft III: Reforged. So let’s feel the game, they gave it a touch at the BlizzCon 2019 event. It was there that the developers announced the game and talked about its features and differences from previous versions. You will have access to 4 races Alliance, Night Elves, Horde and Undead.

It is clear that a fairly long period of about 14 years has passed since the last part was released. And in the computer technology industry, much has changed. The developers tried to bring the game to our modern time, and perhaps the main improvement is the graphics. The game supports 4K resolution, improved animation and screensavers. And also the interface is redone and the balance is corrected. Redesigned characters and improved their appearance.

As mentioned above, the developers improved the balance. Since the battle in the game is not expected long, but of course you can try to hold the base by playing for the Alliance. It will be necessary to control the consumption of resources and each combat unit. If you build more troops, you may run into the problem of a lack of resources to improve the structure.

The developers promise 62 tasks. Over 40 hours of epic gameplay and over 4 hours of redesigned game videos inside. It is possible to control the choice of more than 20 heroes.

The differences between the races are the same. Night elves are just as strong in the wood economy, and wood production is renewable. Orcs do not tolerate magic attacks, but can increase the armor of all fighters. Undead is strong on construction workers do not need to spend time building the entire building, but buildings are being built on special territory.

Problem points when testing beta and reviews.

As for the interface, it can be said that there were enough unpleasant reviews on the Internet that the interface occupies almost half of the screen. But in the previous parts, he was almost the same.

And the game itself could not be entered right away, for many points. Only a few races of Horde and Undead were available. But then, using patches, I managed to fix this problem.

In general, the game is impressive and on the servers in the game against another player can bring a lot of positive impressions.