DwarfHeim Review of New RTS Strategy with Unique Features

DwarfHeim is a new RTS strategy that combines a lot of ideas implemented in other games. Developers from Pineleaf Studio are working on the game. Which, when developing the game, took into account many of their competitors in the strategy genre.

About the creation of the game.

For the first time, their creation was presented to the public in the steam service in 2019. And since that time, the players were actively informed about the work done. They also accepted suggestions for improvement.

The developers have already released a demo version of the game, where players were able to familiarize themselves with its material and the approximate results of their work. After the release of the demo version, developers received a lot of wishes and indications of errors in the mail. Unfortunately, some players did not correctly understand the demo game.

Since the survival mode was presented in the demo version, where the player was already given the opportunity to develop his settlement. And then fight off the enemy attacks of the “Trolls”. Almost the same mode was presented in the game They Are Billions, and for some period the game was tested and finalized.

When developing a game, developers took inspiration from famous games. Such as Age of Empires 2, StarCraft 2, Company of Heroes, Northgard, Command & Conquer, FrostPunk, They Are Billions, Total War, Stellaris, Dawn of War, Warcraft 3, Dungeon Keeper 2, Factorio.

By exploring such a large list of competitive games, developers are trying to provide unique material. And of all the games listed, they are developing something similar and at the same time a unique game. And the final release of the game is scheduled for 2020.

About the plot of DwarfHeim.

Little is known about the plot at this stage of development. We can assume that our race of gnomes should return Gnomes – Heim. And for this, first defeat the warring clans and repulse the waves of “Trolls” who regularly raid the settlement.

About the features of the game DwarfHeim.

Developers position their game as a generation of cooperative and team games in the RTS genre. And they offer players several game modes, including a single player campaign. A single player campaign is currently under development. And more detailed points should be known closer to the release of the game.

About DwarfHeim game modes.

  • Single mode.

In this mode, the player will gradually develop his settlement and improve technology. All technologies and building structures are available, which are to be built gradually. Depending on the available technologies and buildings.

You can play in Survival mode. Where the main base is in the center of the map and the strength of the attacking waves of the “Trolls” gradually increases. In this case, the attack on the base occurs from different angles.

Sandbox mode is available. In which the player can calmly develop his settlement and build structures. And also at a quiet pace to collect resources in mines and on the surface of the earth.

  • Game in cooperative mode.

This is a co-op mode where 3 players need to defeat the enemy team and destroy their town hall. Players develop their settlement, collect resources and increase population. Explore technology to a thriving citadel.

Coordinating joint actions should provide mutual support to their brothers – dwarves. About the enemy team at the moment, nothing is known whether its composition will be the same of 3 players. Or an enemy team is an artificial intelligence that uses one or more settlements.

  • Team game mode. Conquest.

This mode allows players to be divided into classes and fulfill their specific role in the settlement. In this mode, there will most likely be one town hall for 3 players. And players in determining and choosing a class remain to play in this role until the end of the game. That is, victory over the enemy or defeat, loss of their settlement.

In the team game mode, game modes are also available that can be played by one player in “Single mode”. These are Survival and Sandbox.

About classes that players can choose.

An interesting feature is that the division into 3 classes changes the style and tactics of the game. Since each class distributes its own set of resources. And players in the same settlement need to negotiate and coordinate actions, as well as change resources. In order to ultimately get to the development of the citadel.

  • Class “Builders”.

Let’s say one player has chosen a class or the role of “Builder”. In this case, he will need the resources mined by the Miners. And to protect the settlement, the work of the player who chose the role or class of the “Warrior” may be required. At the same time, “Warriors” can earn gold by defeating enemies.

Workers “Builders” can extract resources that are on the surface of the earth. Such resources can be “Tree” and “Food”. “Wood” may be required for “Miners” for the construction of “Conveyors” and processing of the initial breed. And “Food” is needed for the workers and the army.

Workers from the Builders class have their own key features. The main feature is the construction of buildings and structures. Such as houses, farms, fortifications. The secondary functions include healing properties and the development of special drinks.

  • Class “Miners”.

For players in the Shakhtar class, the game is no less interesting. Since they also need resources that are mined on the surface of the earth, where the main base is located. Such resources may be the “Tree”. And the main process of the game at the “Miners” takes place in the mines underground.

The extraction of resources in the mine is approximately the same as on the surface of the earth. It is necessary to build special conveyors and processing buildings. The resources are different and the raw materials that need to be passed through a number of processing stations get onto the conveyors first.

For example, a “Crusher” may be required in the first step. This is a structure that allows you to grind and grind the first breed. Some kind of resource is obtained from this breed. Then this resource can go through further processing cycles to make a finished product or resource for consumption.

Miners can not only deal with the process of collecting resources in the mine. Their secondary task is protective functions. They can assemble a car or develop a trap. For example, explosives that can damage buildings.

  • Class “Warrior”.

Players in the Warrior class may also require resources to form an army. And the hiring of stronger and more perfect fighters. It is also known that fighters during the battle can mine gold, which may be required by Shakhtar and Builder.

For some reason, it might seem that playing “Warrior” might be easier. Since it is not necessary to monitor production processes and try to build vital structures. In fact, a player in this class will have to pay attention to two types of locations. One battleground is the surface of the earth, and the other is a mine.

And in a log it is possible that attacks can be simultaneous both on the surface and underground in the mine. It will be necessary to find the right balance of combat capabilities and the complexity of the attacking waves. And then correctly distribute the available fighters.

Help from the “Builders” and “Miners”.

In addition, rare resources will be needed to recruit modern and better troops. Such resources can only be found underground in mines. in this case, competent work and interaction with the Shakhtar class player will be required.

And so that the army lasts longer, the soldiers will need help from the “Builders” to build defenses and cure the soldiers. And for the construction of defensive structures, the Builder needs the stone that the Miners mine. As a result, complex chat dialogs between allied players can result.

About the unique features of the game.

As it was written above, this is a team game where you need to develop your settlement together. And each selected class significantly affects further development. At the same time, well-coordinated teamwork allows you to achieve victory over the enemy side.

There is speculation that the technological development of a class may be limited. Since resources are in limited quantities, and they will have to spend on different tasks. Most likely, it will be necessary to determine the buildings and structures under construction, as well as the army itself.

Due to the fact that everything is interconnected, players will need to immediately agree and understand what technologies they are better off developing in different classes. Since the final result of the game may depend on this.