world of tanks important news about new equipment 2.0

Most recently, on May 29, 2020, the developers of the game world of tanks provided information to the public about equipment changes. Which tankers need to increase tank efficiency. According to the developers, the meaning of these introductions is the improvement of equipment for most types of equipment. And not a great fair transformation.

It is important to note that the data on the introduction of the game in the near future will be on testing. And it is quite possible that some introduction can be changed.

As most tankers know, the basic equipment modules are used to increase firepower. And many other equipment are simply lying in stock in the hangar and rarely used.

For example, in our case, the main modules on the tanks are “Ventilation”, “Retractor”, “Stereo tube”, “Enlightened optics”, “Camouflage net” and in rare cases “Tool box”.

And the equipment that was installed to adjust the technical characteristics to more normal indicators is “Vertical Stabilizer”, “Reinforced Pickup Drives”. At the same time, such equipment was installed on some classes of equipment. One of these is artillery and some medium tanks.

But for tankers like us, they are introducing new changes to the game. Namely, in order that players would more often use those equipment that previously simply did not make sense. And they add new equipment modules that have never been seen before in the game.

About equipment slots.

As before, the game has slots in which you can install additional equipment. But they will only be slightly different and allow you to set a specific type of module that will give additional bonuses.

Bonuses are sort of tied to a class of equipment and that technique that is more suitable for equipment and will have an additional bonus. And you can get an additional bonus if you install the equipment in a special slot.

“Special category slots” will become available from the prior art. The higher the level of technology, the more special slots can be on the tank. That means more equipment can be installed with available bonuses.

A little sad picture of low-level tanks. They will not have slots at all, not for equipment, and not for equipment. This decision was made because of a fair balance. Since the new player simply does not have the experience and money to equip his tanks with such equipment and equipment.

About “Bon equipment”

The game also already had unique types of equipment and was called “Advanced Equipment” and “Trophy Equipment”. In order to be able to install, you need to purchase them for “bonds”. And in another case with the “Trophy equipment”, acquired after some event, as a prize.

After developing and testing new types of equipment, developers can increase the positive effect of “Advanced Equipment” and “Trophy Equipment”. That is, their performance will be higher.

But, if they are installed in the “Special Slots with Categories”, then there will be no increased additional effects and bonuses from them.

An important point.

Suppose a player has three free slots for equipment and two of them are “Special category slots”. That is, in these slots it is fashionable to install absolutely any available equipment and get standard improvements. From equipment, for example, those that were installed earlier.

Or use the two available special slots and install special equipment in them, which will give an additional bonus. In this case, the installed equipment can be dismantled in the ways that were available before.

About new equipment which was not yet in the game.

Most equipment is tied to a class of equipment and perhaps some of the equipment may simply be missing from the available equipment for installation.

  • Improved sights.

In a regular slot they give -5% of the size of the circle of information. And in the “Special slot with categories” -9%.

  • Improved turning mechanisms.

Needed for reduced dispersion of the tank’s guns when cornering. The usual slot is -15%, and in the “Special slot with categories” -25%.

  • Balancers of horizontal guidance.

The rotation speed of the tower increases. + 20% in the regular slot and + 30% in the “Special slot categories”.

  • Improved equipment.

Accelerates recovery time of used equipment by -30 sec. in a regular slot and -50 sec. in the “Special slot with categories.”

  • Improved tank helmets.

Improves crew and reduces damage, debuff and stun.

  • Improved hardening.

Increases tank strength by + 5% in a regular slot. And + 10% if the equipment is installed in the “Special slot with categories.”

  • Protection of modules.

The module strength is increased by + 30% if the equipment is in a regular slot. And + 50% if the equipment is in the “Special slot with categories.”

  • Improved final drives.

Increases the turning speed of equipment in place. Depending on the type and class of equipment, the indicators differ.

  • Optional front gear in gearbox.

Increases the speed of movement by +5 kilometers per hour, if this equipment is in a regular slot. And +6 kilometers per hour, if in the “Special slot with categories.”

  • Turbocharger.

This equipment increases engine power by + 10% if installed in a conventional slot. And + 15% in the “Special slot with categories.”

  • Advanced final drive.

Turning speed increases when the vehicle is in motion.

  • Optional reverse gear in gearbox.

Increases speed when moving machinery backward. In a regular slot it gives +3 kilometers per hour. A “Special slot with categories” +4 kilometers per hour.

  • Low noise exhaust system.

increases stealth of the car.

  • Interference manager.

Reduces machine visibility.

  • Commander surveillance device.

It is necessary to detect the enemy, which is located behind the vegetation.

  • Improved radio equipment.

Increases the visibility time of a detected enemy.

  • Experimental gunpowder.

Increases the invisibility of the machine, due to the reduction of noise after a shot.

  • Panoramic triplexes.

They are needed to detect the enemy when the tank is in motion.

About the conclusion.

These introductions can not badly change the advantage on the battlefield, both on the one hand and on the other. After all, tankers have even more tools that can increase survival on the battlefield.

For example, the Advanced Hardening module can increase the strength of the tank. And this suggests that the tank will be able to withstand even longer and miss one more projectile than usual. For heavy tanks, this is a good gift.

For medium tanks and light tanks, a completely excellent module that increases speed is the “Additional Transmission Gearbox”. Well, +6 kilometers per hour was just not enough. Allows faster reconnaissance and leave dangerous areas on the battlefield.

A “turbocharger” for medium and light tanks can also be a good fit, as in this case it will be possible to quickly gain the desired speed and faster to climb uphill.

Players have something to think about and think about. And perhaps this time the tuning of the tank will have a fairly important meaning. And there are only 3 slots, this may mean that the choice can be very difficult.