Nordic Warriors tactical game about the struggle of the northern warriors with the undead

Nordic Warriors is a game in the genre of tactical strategy in real time, about the struggle of the northern warriors with the undead. Northern warriors are somewhat reminiscent of the Vikings, and the game has Scandinavian mythology. Developers from the studio Liron Peer, Roman Levin (Coldsteel48), who released the game in 2020, are working on the game.

Players are given the opportunity to try their hand at tactical thinking. Where to win you need to think through a good strategy with a combination of existing tactical skills. And the player will be opposed by different hordes of undead and their sorcerers, as well as different creatures similar to demons and gods.

Developers offer to go through a story campaign of 14 levels. And 4 types of difficulty, in the initial difficulty, warriors will have armor, which reduces damage from magic. On the second difficulty, the soldiers will gradually dull their weapons. And then the difficulties for more experienced players, where you need to make quick decisions.

About the plot.

The onset of the undead invasion was recorded in the winter. When a group of brave warriors led by the hero Freya returned home to Chios. Upon arrival in Chios, Freya felt unpleasant sensations and this was the first. Her breathing was a little difficult, and something was tightening in her chest.

The village was very quiet and suspicious and suspiciously deserted, except for travelers who returned home. Going further, the group discovered a massacre of the population. All who were in the village were killed by the undead.

Stunned by what they saw, the group decides to go in search of evil, which destroyed people in the village. In search of evil, many different adventures, as well as dangerous enemies, will await them. After which the group will gradually reveal a secret that has been hiding for many years.

Game process.

We have to lead an army of warriors with different fighting classes. It can be warriors with swords and axes, archers and magicians. Each fighter as they progress has degrees of increase in rank that improve their characteristics.

Players can control the characters from above and thus see the situation around the squad. And plan further action. You must try to hide ranged fighters behind the backs of your close combat comrades.

At the beginning of the passage, a task is issued and the map indicates the place where the detachment should reach. After arriving at this place and defeating opponents, a victory will be assigned.

There is a panel for the combat formation of fighters. Such as “Wedge” and “Box”. But the simplest tactic is to push the main character forward. To inflict a magic attack and immediately retreat. The main character has the ability to restore his fighters several times. So you have to think about whom and when to restore.

About the passage.

At first glance, the game seems simple, and allied fighters easily cope with the undead. But the further the more difficult. The relief also has its own peculiarity, for example, archers can shoot further.

The developers also prepared surprises, in the form of ambushes. For example, you had to go through the bridge. When approaching the bridge, the map showed the enemies who were behind the bridge. And when part of the detachment crossed the bridge, undead warriors crawled out of the river. And cut off the first part of the support from behind, thereby creating an unforeseen ambush.

A certain number of soldiers in the squad are issued for the task. So that every fighter is very expensive. And in order to get to the final part of the task, you need to try to keep as many warriors alive as possible. Closer to completing the quest, only a few fighters may remain.

Our conclusion.

The quality of the graphics is normal, of course, for our time it could have been better. In general, the game turned out to be quite good. And the thoughtful characteristics of the allied warriors and enemies had a good effect on the passage. People who like real-time tactical games can enjoy the game Nordic Warriors.