sea of thieves about the new update of the Ghost Coast and tips on defeating Captain Flaming Heart

Sea of ​​thieves has released a new update called Ghost Shores. As part of this update, players will battle the armada of ghost ships. And you can take part in naval battles from June 2020. At the same time, the new update will not be temporary and created for players to diversify the ways of gold income.

You can start the task and challenge the Burning Blade in the tavern at Duke or at the Order of Souls. Taking from them the task, you can find the place where the ghostly flotilla is located. After winning, you can get valuable rewards, including skulls of ghosts. The task is called “A terrible trip to the sinful armada.”

If you defeat the Flaming Click, you can get skulls of ghosts that can be sold to the Order of Souls. And thereby earn extra gold. And if you win 10 times, you can unlock special sails. Upon the destruction of 500 ghost ships, a special reward is given in the form of sails of the “Phantom Captain”.

You can determine the location of the “Burning Blade” by the clouds. It looks like the head of a “Burning Blade” red. Similar clouds met when a skeleton ship appeared, only of a different shape and color.

About the plot.

A challenge to the sailors and pirates was thrown by the so-called tyrant “Captain Flaming Heart”. Not so long ago, he managed to get out of captivity, after which he gradually began to gain strength. And managed to get the support of the “Sea of ​​the Damned.”

Now in his plans to establish control over the sea. And at his disposal was a fleet of ghost ships. Which can do bad deeds and become a big threat to pirates.

At the same time, ghostly weapons can not only damage the brave pirates, but also damage their ships. And the number can only complicate the victory over the flotilla. Since cannon shots from different ships and guns can quickly sink a ship that dares to challenge them.

About ghost ships.

Ghost ships were created by the ghosts of “Lost Souls.” Their ships are fast and dangerous in terms of rams and boarding. And they move in groups, where at the head there is a main ship.

The guns fire ghosts of two kinds and both shells deal damage. Both the ship and the pirates on the ship. One type of projectile deals normal ghost damage and looks like a flying green ghost. The other view of the projectile is painted red and when it enters the ship sets fire. In fact, it looks like a fire bomb.

In some cases, ghost ships can drop mines or bombs into the sea that damage the ship. If direct contact occurs. So that detonation does not happen and the ship remains intact, you just need to consider the trajectory of the ghost ships. And do not swim to these places.

There are also two types of ships. One view is Ordinary Ghost Ships, their sails lowered. And another view is the “Captain ship of ghosts”, he has raised sails. The main group of ghost ships is the Captain Ghost Ship. He leads the Ordinary Ghost Ships.

Ghost ships can do good damage, but their strength is not very large. One ship can be destroyed in 2 direct hits on ordinary ships. Difficulty getting in is bad weather conditions.

Tips for destroying a ghostly flotilla.

To destroy the “Captain ship of ghosts” you must first destroy the ships next to it. Which are included in his group. In this case, it is better to stay farther from him, since he shoots with “Fiery ghost shells” of red color.

While at sea on your ship you need to try to shoot at the ships “With the sails lowered.” That is, on “Ordinary ghost ships.” After their destruction, immediately try to remove from the “Captain’s ship”. And then deal with the second ghost group.

The flotilla can also be destroyed from the island where the ship’s guns are located. For this you need to land on the island and climb to the top of the island. After that, from a great distance try to get into the ghost ships. The task is not simple, but feasible.

After the destruction of the first groups of the Phantom Flotilla, the next batch of ships will appear. And experience will be stronger than before. They will hit more often and shoot more accurately. In addition, a flank detour and the environment of the ship are likely. In this case, you need to sail a little from the shore and proceed to continue the destruction of ghost ships.