Mortal Shell is a powerful action game with a unique gameplay where the spirit controls the fallen warriors

Mortal Shell is an action game with a detailed combat system, in which it is not enough just to wave a sword and an ax, you also need to think tactically. Each enemy boss has its own unique abilities and vulnerabilities. The developer of the game is Cold Symmetry Studio. Estimated release date of the game is scheduled for 2020. Will the game in Russian is not yet known.

Passing the game will not be linear and the player will have the opportunity to choose actions and paths. The basis of the passage includes mythical tombs with different gods and a variety of locations with dangerous and powerful inhabitants. You will have to find yourself in places like the Cathedral near the rocks, the Ancient Crypt and others.

Our hero is a kind of spirit that can inhabit the dead bodies of fallen soldiers. During their lifetime, these warriors also tried to go to holy temples and learn secret knowledge. And ordinary mortals never managed to get to the desired path.

To fulfill the order of the Dark Father, the hero was given the ability to revive the fallen and control their bodies. At the same time, the universal spirit in a fallen warrior can endow him with divine power and abilities. And the longer and closer contact with a controlled warrior, the higher the strength.

If the warrior controlled by our character dies, then our hero can find another body. It can be a warrior with other abilities and weapons. But neglecting and losing the possessed warrior to nothing is not worth it, since the strength accumulated in battles may be lost.

The hero will be available to improve weapons and provide him with additional passive attacks. And also the opportunity to learn secret knowledge and magical abilities.

And for a successful victory over an enemy warrior, you need to try during the time to deliver attacks when the opportunity arises and the enemy has discovered its weaknesses. And in order to survive, you need to parry and try to get away from the deadly attacks of powerful enemy guardians.

In general, the game is expected to be very interesting, since during the game you can change several types of heroes with your own set of abilities and attacks. As well as weapons and armor, which will change the passage and may turn out to be unique. Since on one segment of the location you can choose another hero.