Path of Exile about the new Harvest update

Developers from the studio Grinding Gear Games continue to support their project Path of Exile. In the near future, around June 16, 2020, the Harvest update will be released. Which will add new mechanics to the game and bring recycled and improved equipment items.

New game mode.

Players will be given the opportunity to be the owner of their own garden, where you can raise rare animals and monsters. And some elements of construction, since it will be necessary to build special stations for pumping and collecting energy.

In the process of playing and exploring territories, the characters will find special places with burials or nests. Where are the eggs or fruits that need to be brought to your garden and plant them in the ground.

After some time, small grains or testicles will grow. And at one of the wonderful moments, different creatures will come out of them, which will begin to attack the character. The character will be faced with the task of protecting his garden and destroying monsters.

After the monsters are destroyed, there is energy left to collect. In order to have the opportunity to collect energy and pump it into a special tank, you need to build small towers and connect them with wires.

Received and accumulated energy makes it possible to strengthen and improve equipment. The higher and stronger the monsters managed to grow and defeat, the more and better the energy received. And as a result, even better equipment can turn out in the end.

About improvements.

A new 8 craft skill and 2 new support stones are added to these introductions. And also some types of weapons were processed, about 50 pieces.

We reworked the skill tree a bit and added support for two-handed weapons with passive skills. In addition to this, two-handed weapons redesigned visual effects and increased their strength.

The overall impression of this process can be very positive. After all, the found egg can be planted and grown, while it is completely not clear what can grow out of it. On the eggs, of course, approximate types of monsters are drawn, but the end result itself may be a surprise.