Path of Exile 2 continued RPG action from Grinding Gear

Path of Exile 2 is a continuation of the previous part of the game from the developers of Grinding Gear. The game is being developed in the RPG genre with an emphasis on action. They plan to release the game for universal testing around 2021.

In the new sequel, players will find a new company divided into seven acts. The story of which develops 20 years after the end of the finale in the first part. When Kitawa was defeated, society was able to recover. Strong people again torture the thirst for power.

They introduce an improvement for leveling the hero. In this version, found stones in locations need to be inserted directly into skill cells. These skills can be strengthened to five stones. While one fully reinforced cell opens access to another cell that was not previously displayed.

Probably one of the pleasant moments for the players is the introduction of new classes. In total, it is planned to introduce 19 classes.

To all this, the developers are working on new equipment, which is expected to be more animated and unique.

In the new part, the hero can enter the other world, where he meets an even larger number of enemies. But in this space, his strength is greater, and his enemies are weaker. To stay in this space for a long time will not work, since the energy responsible for staying in another world ends. This energy is displayed in the same place where life is spent from enemy attacks.

It turns out that the hero has two life scales, one health scale is responsible for the ordinary world, and the other for the other world. But the manna scale is one.