The Sea of Thieves guide tall tales new story about The Art of Trap.

In this story, our pirate has to go the way of “Art of a trap.” The mission begins on the island “Valley of Treasures”, where you need to talk to the skeleton of a parrot named “Salti”.

In the dialogue with Salti, we learn about a pirate who specialized in setting traps and knew the Briggsi pirate. The parrot managed to find records of their approximate location.

The first part of the assignment. first diary entries.

first pages of the diary say that the place is simply trapped. And we will have to be very careful not to fall into traps. The place itself is located in a cave on the island “Valley of Treasures”.

In the tips of the diary, it was written about skeletons that were in love with each other. They are located on the left in the cave. Need to connect their hands with each other. When the hands are connected, a cell opens with a skeleton on top. From which you can take a spyglass.

The second entry in the diary.

The diary says about a hint in using the “Spyglass.” To do this, find the indicated place on the island “Valley of Treasures” and look in the “Spyglass”. You need to look in the direction indicated in the figure. In the very place, on the stone there will be a mark in the form of a skull, on which you need to stand.

And in the “Spyglass” there is a painted skull, with holes for the eyes. And to find the treasure, you need to connect these holes with the indicated objects lying on the ground. In the treasure there will be new entries for the next place.

And according to this scheme, it will be necessary to look for three places. And in the last place will be buried “Barrel of gunpowder.” When you take it out of the ground, explosions occur and other traps with barrels of gunpowder detonate. The dug barrel itself is the key.

The second part of the assignment. It’s called the Cheat Lair.

In the new part of the diary, a hint with the name of the island is indicated. You need to sail to the island “Sailor’s Award.” On this island you also need to find a place in the picture and look in the “Spyglass” to find a cave.

There are many traps in the cave itself and you need to be careful and look under your feet. Nevertheless, some traps still work. And you need to wait for their end of action, and then go past them.

Having descended to the very bottom of the cave, in the center there will be a small altar for the installation of the found barrel. After installing the barrels from the ground, skeletons will begin to appear, which must be defeated.

On the walls are levers that include traps. Some skeletons can be lured into these traps, without entering into battle with them. In total, about 10 waves of skeletons appear, and then their boss appears.

After his murder, you can get new diary entries and a figurine.

The second entry in the diary from the “Den of Cheating”.

In the found note from the skeleton, there is a clue with the island to which you must sail. This island is called the “Crescent”. On this island you need to find a cave and a place with stars. Near the painted stars on the rock there is a place for the installation of the figurine. Putting it in this place, a secret passage will open.

Inside the passage in the cave will be the “Altar”. On it you need to light the “Braziers” with a lantern. And then another secret passage opens, where the gem of the “Curtain Divider” will be located. When the gem is received, the doors close. And there are skeletons that need to be killed.

The main thing is to defeat the skeleton captain, as the medallion falls out of it. This medallion must be inserted into the “Altar” and then the doors will open. In total, 3 such keys are needed. And that means to go through three waves of skeletons.

At the end of the story “The Art of Trap” you need to meet with “Salt” and give the gem found. And he, in turn, reports that he will pass the gem to the “Mysterious Stranger” from the tavern.