Port Royale 4 economic strategy in the Caribbean with the participation of pirates

Port Royale 4 is an economic strategy with the possibility of naval battles involving ships. In fact, this is somewhat analogous to the games Anno 1800 and Tropico, but with the opportunity to participate in battles. The developer of the game is Gaming Minds, which plans to release the game in September 2020. At the same time, the game will be available on most PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch 25, Xbox One and PC platforms.

About the game.

The game has 4 sides for which you can play France, the Netherlands, England and Italy during the 17th century. Each of the states is fighting for a place of domination in the Caribbean.

Our main character acts as governor on a colonized island or land. Its main task is to develop the territory and achieve technological progress. Where development can take place on several islands. In which trade has an important place in prosperity and development.

In the game Port Royale 4, missions are available that can be obtained from the royal governor. Performing his tasks, you can get points for leveling or discover new technologies, buildings, ships, as well as receive additional tasks. You can take part in the capture of an enemy city and hunt for enemy merchant ships.

In the process of development, it is necessary to establish technological chains and produce the necessary resources. And the goods produced can be returned to the created trade routes. At the same time, it will take an effort and time to send a trade caravan. Since you need to choose safe sea routes, and in the seas you can expect different dangers because of which trade delivery may not be carried out.

The process of playing in the sea.

The sea is perhaps a separate place for the gameplay. Since past the generally accepted understanding in indicating the delivery point is not enough. You need to explore the sea map and understand when moving around a certain area is safe. A storm may fall on the ships or the ship will simply be in shallow water. In addition, other enemy ships from another state or pirates may still attack. Which can not only pick up valuable cargo, but also sink the ship.

In naval battles can participate up to 8 ships at a time. And the fighting is in the form of turn-based battles. Winning in such battles, ship captains can use their skills.

You can take the enemy ship on board and in this case, block his ability to attack from cannons and move around. And the ships themselves can be turned on the cells as you want. Suppose you substitute an enemy ship for the back of the ship, and not the side of the ship.

Each ship has the number of cores and strength points indicated, thanks to which you can understand whether the enemy ship will be able to retaliate with cannons or not. And in your case, it will allow you to understand taking an enemy ship on board or continue a salvo attack from cannons on an enemy ship.

On the global map you can see the direction of the wind and where there may be a storm or bad weather conditions. Thanks to these data, it will be easier to navigate in space and lay more successful trade routes.