Alaloth Champions of The Four Kingdoms revival of RPG classics

Alaloth Champions of The Four Kingdoms, according to the developers, describe their creation as a revival of classics in the RPG genre with modern masterpieces. Gamera Interactive studio is working on the development of the game, which plans to implement the game in 2020.

Players playing with their character can make a choice in which direction to play. Choose the path of the protector or the path of the villain. At the same time, the level of reputation among the fractions changes. And it is clear that ruining good relations with all factions will simply complicate the process of passing.

About the plot.

The dark god Alaloth came to the world of the living in the Valley of Storms, which is the intersection of different races of Orcs, people, elves and gnomes. From the central location of Alolot, energy is brought forth that carries evil on mortal lands.

Each race occupies its own territory where it stores its relics and secrets. The northwest belongs to the elves, where their houses are located Goldwood Forest and the Republic of Larastyr. Gnomes inhabit the northeast, where their favorite place is the Fangs of Kemot. In the southwest is the wasteland, a favorite place for orcs. The territory of the southeast belongs to a race of people that flourishes and is famous for its merchants.

About the characters.

The game has its own unique character leveling system. In total, three directions of development are available: power, gods (magic) and nature. In addition to the development of your character in the game, you can meet fellow travelers who can join during the passage of the task.

Each chosen direction of development has 12 effects that the character can use during the battle.

For example, if you choose the path of the gods (magic), then the character can be identified in three directions: the cleric, the necromancer and the Templar. Is it possible to pump two directions at once, or only one is not yet known.

“Nature” also has three directions Arcanist, Elementalist and Warden. Each has 4 skills.

The Force has three paths of Warlord, Marksman and Guardian. There are also 3 branches of 4 skills each.

The character has special features that open as you progress through the game and gain experience from successful combat operations.

About the gameplay.

As the developers said, they object to the former classics and in fact it is visible. Alaloth Champions of The Four Kingdoms is an action and RPG, but not with the modernity that is available in the modern world. Maybe during the development process they will make changes and there will be more opponents on the map, and the process itself will be more stressful.

And at the moment, you can calmly concentrate on the existing abilities of the character and make evasion from enemy attacks. In the process, enemies meet one or two fighters.

If you spoil relations with factions, problematic clashes with them may begin. Which occur on the global map, where the character moves to another location of the task. When an enemy patrol notices the movement of your character, he can change the path of his path a little. And at that moment a fight will take place.

Characters and patrols of enemy clans also move along the global map, only along roads. They themselves can move from city to city and possibly trade in this way. In our case, there was a clash with the patrol of the enemy clan, which turned out to be well equipped and had decent weapons.