Sands of Salzaar is a fantastic tale about the exotic land of RPGs with troop control 2020

I am pleased to present to your attention a unique game from Chinese developers, from the Han-Squirrel Studio. The games are made in the RPG genre and strategy. At the moment, the game is available in early access, adata leaving was scheduled for January 3, 2020. So This is an open-world role-playing game located in a fantastic desert.

Sands of Salzaar is a fantastic tale of an exotic land. The old Empire that once ruled the desert fell, leaving various tribes fighting for control of their world. How little do they know about the seeds of darkness, which grow in the shade every day. The world descended into darkness and chaos after the battle of the bloody moon. The hero will lead the Empire and take control of various characters and implement his own strategy to shape the future of your world.

You have to control a hero who can repel hostile attacks on the settlements. The main character has super abilities and unique skills. For some reason, this is an excellent commander. Which not only independently fights with enemies, but also controls the army. As you progress through the number of soldiers following him increases and may reach an entire army.

Allied forces are different with their classes and combat capabilities. Melee, ranged, swordsmen, spearmen, these fighters are known from many different games from the Middle Ages. But there are also unique wars. Different monsters and animals, as well as a dragon, can join the hero during the passage. To gain access to such combat units will be possible after passing a special task and find them on the map. Mystical creatures in the squad are stronger and more effective than ordinary fighters with weapons.

At the beginning of the game, the player must create his character and choose his gender and specialization. After creation, the game will begin in a desert quarry. Where you will need to fight with ordinary enemies and survive, and later reach the settlement. The simplest character is a magician, since he already has a point for leveling and a call.

The game has a special option that allows you to speed up the process of movement. To do this, the player needs to press the “Ctrl” button, after which there will be an acceleration of time in the game and it is possible to move around the map. But the “T” button also speeds up time, but you cannot move faster on the map.

Pumping your fighters is a separate pleasure. It is especially interesting to pump animals and monsters. As the availability of pumping, they not only become stronger, but grow in size. But in order to pump and increase the fighter, you need several of the same fighters. It turns out from several pieces you can make one, but more powerful. Subsequent development takes place in a similar way.

In addition to ordinary fighters and the legendary army. Other heroes can join the hero. But they need special gifts or scrolls. Which can be obtained after defeating some boss. Moreover, if the unit already has a guest hero, they have a level of sympathy and reputation. And the hero you invite may refuse to join your squad, even if you have all the gifts you need. Do not join the hero if the level of reputation is in an unsatisfactory condition.

In the game, city management capabilities are also available. But in order for the hero and you to get such an opportunity, you need to capture some kind of city. And for this, of course, to assemble a sufficient amount of army and it is better if the squad will have legendary fighters. After defeating the defenders of the city, you will need to send troops to capture points. After performing these actions, your hero and you become the owner of the city and will be able to manage it. And it will be possible to attach Lords to the cities, who will be able to take control of the captured city.