Blade and Soul action fantasy game with fantastic characters

Blade and Soul is an online game made in the genre of action from the fantasy world. The developers of the game is Team Bloodlust, which released the game on the Russian market in May 2016. And before that, it was gaining popularity in the vastness of Korea. And one of the key trump cards is the graphics, it is simply gorgeous.

About the scene.

The game takes place in connected worlds, where each world has its own race. In one of the worlds there are people who are fighting against the invasion of demons and other different creatures. Four humanoid races are trying to save the world. And each needs new fighters, since the forces of the opponents can be repelled only temporarily.

About the race.

The player can choose any of the available races. In addition, each race has its own fighting classes, which the other does not have. And the same classes can be in 1-2 races.

  • Race Gon.

The people of this race and their ancestors were born when the dragons breathed. Once this ritual endowed them with powerful power. Now they believe and value these legends.

The advantageous features of this race lie in strength. And combat skills are very well appreciated and used for noble purposes. The people of the Gon race have a good and impressive physique.

In the process of development, they can learn specializations and become a warrior of a certain class. Five classes of Sentinel, Master of Strength, Destroyer, Soul Slayer, or Kung Fu Master are available.

  • Race Lin.

These are amazing human creatures with unusual ears and tails. Such changes came from the descendants of Kirin. Which are legendary animals.

Surviving in difficult circumstances, when demons attacked the earth, they were helped by a sharp charm and a sense of danger. Thanks to what they are able to escape from dangerous enemies earlier than others.

Playing for the Lin race, you can choose the following classes: Master of Strength, Sentinel, Blade Dancer, Summoner, Warlock or Shooter.

  • Race Yun.

Among other races available, this is the only race in which women predominate. And in its sources of energy lies the power of nature. Sometimes they dance to the rhythms of nature and gain strength. And for one they worship what they respect.

This race is quite beautiful women who inherited traits from a mythical bird. Even possessing their beauty, they masterfully own military weapons. And they are able to repulse even strong opponents.

At the development stage, the following classes can be selected: Shooter, Master of Strength, Soul Fighter, Zen Archer, Kung Fu Master or Blade Master.

  • Race Jin.

The people of this race are proud and characteristic people who try not to bow to enemies. And perhaps for these reasons they are famous all over the world. And also because they seek to help those in need.

The battle uses the power of the “Black Turtle”, which was inherited by their ancestors and trained descendants. Even though they are not large, their strength can compete in the Gon race. To some extent, the people of the Jin race can hold enemy attacks.

From the classes you can choose the following types of Zen archer, Assassin, Sentinel, Soul Fighter, Blade Master, Shooter, Warlock or Kung Fu Master.

About combat classes.

Having classes differ in tactics of warfare. In addition, each of the classes can be a tank and a good attacking force. Some of the class species use “mana”, while others use “fighting spirit”.

  • Blade Master.

It is considered a universal class, which is a little difficult to manage. And in battle, he can quickly switch between skills and abilities, causing devastating damage.

  • Destroyers. (Destroyer).

These are the most powerful warriors who are able to inflict maximum damage to the enemy. After the combined attacks, he can use the defeated enemies as a weapon when he throws them at other enemies.

  • Summoner. (The Summoner).

Can travel with a partner and fight side by side. Satellites are good combat weapons that can even enter the epicenter of hostilities. And inflict maximum damage to enemies. They can also transfer the health of enemies to themselves.

  • Master of Strength. (Master attacks).

These are long-range warriors who do decent damage from a long distance. But weak in close combat. Thus, you need to carefully choose tactics and take the right positions. They can own the elements of fire and cold.

  • Masters of kung fu.

Good melee warriors who are able to repel oncoming attacks from enemies. But it is difficult to manage. It is necessary to accurately apply attacks and block enemy attacks. Moreover, they are quite mobile as dodgers.

  • Assassin.

Mostly playing for him is better for those who love hidden attacks and set traps for enemies. Attacks can inflict secondary passive damage to enemies, such as poison attacks. They can use explosives and smoke on the battlefield.

  • Blade Dancer.

It’s almost the same as the Blade Master. Which can deliver quick attacks to enemies and have good mobility. Able to dance on the battlefield with a sword in his hand and inflict crushing blows to enemy fighters. At the same time, dancing attacks give for a while action, immunity from incoming enemy attacks.

  • Warlock. (The Warlock).

These are some of the few warriors who use dark magic in battle. And in order to be able to use such magic, they needed a way to store it. And over time, the method was found in the “Talismans.” Using these “Talismans” they can cause spikes and chains, and the actions of magic itself can be both protective and attacking.

In close combat, the Warlock can be dangerous and on equal terms with the fighting class, the warrior may lose. But, if you rely on the benefits of summoning magic, you can create big problems on the battlefield. Since the challenge of Thrall can cause great damage to enemies.

  • Soul Fighter.

This is a multifunctional class that can do good damage at any distance. Both near and far. And in the combat process, they are quite mobile and fast, which makes it an almost non-vulnerable target for the enemy.

Can use the ability to freeze enemies, and then inflict combined melee kung fu attacks. And at the maximum level of development, there is a very strong attack, which can destroy the enemy with one blow.

  • Gunslinger.

Gunslinger is considered a ranged fighter who shoots enemies with pistols. Abilities allow you to feel good, both in attack and in defense.

Moving around the battlefield is also at an acceptable level, combined with existing abilities. And reinforcing skills allow you to do good damage to enemies.

  • Sentinel. (the Warden).

The guard is considered a defensive fighter who absorbs incoming attacks. At the same time, it is capable of dealing decent damage. Mobility is at a decent level and makes it possible to maneuver on the battlefield.

The abilities of the Sentinel are guided by lightning and frost. In combination with all the characteristics it has, it is at a very competitive level.

  • Zen Archer. (the Zen Archer).

Zen Archer is a long-range character. Thanks to this, he can evaluate the battlefield and attack from the most unexpected places. And the main weapon is the bow.

The paths of learning are based on two directions: the path of light and the path of wind. Having chosen the path of light, he will be able to inflict attacks similar to the speed of sound. And if he chooses the wind path, he will be able to inflict attacks on the weakest points of the enemies.

Minimum system requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300
Video card: NVIDIA Geforce GTS 250 or AMD Radeon HD4850
Disk Space: 30 GB