Sea of Thieves secret room or secret available after level 50

Sea of ​​Thieves has many puzzles, secrets, and hiding places. One of the secrets can be discovered by reaching level 50 at any three Trading Companies. After reaching the pirate receives the title of “Legendary Pirate” and a unique musical melody. Such a melody can only be played by the Legendary Pirate.

To raise the status and become the “Legendary Pirate”, you need to go to the “Tavern”. Find the Mysterious Stranger there and talk to him. You need to approach it when you have reached level 50 in three Trading Companies, otherwise the title will not be assigned. After the dialogue, your pirate is given the title “Legendary Pirate” and clothing, as well as a unique musical melody.

The resulting musical melody is a kind of code key to a secret place. Only Legendary Pirates can enter this place. A melody is needed in order to find the entrance to a secret place, which is located in the same tavern. To find it you just need to play your instrument in different places of the Tavern. The entry point will be indicated by a special sign that appears.

About the Treasures of Athens.

The secret place is called the “Cave of Athena” in which you need to find the ghost of the “High Pirate”. After a dialogue with him, a new story opens for Athens Treasures. In which you can go on a journey in search of rare treasures “Treasure of the Legendary Gefsiba Jones”, “The State of the Legendary Duncan the Brewer”, “Trophy of the Legendary Parlamenter”. Cards with the locations of these treasures can be bought from the “High Pirate” for 250 gold.

Buying any one card for 250 gold, the plot opens with 8 tasks. 2 missions to kill “Skeletons”, 2 missions to search for chests on a map with tags, search for treasure by riddles 2 missions, 2 missions for cargo transportation. After completing each available task, a kata with one mark is issued.

After the first “Legendary Chest” he reveals the reputation of “Treasures of Athens”. In total there are 10 levels that increase from the found “Legendary Chests”. And with each increased level, new rare types of goods for the ship and the pirate open up.