Scarlet Nexus anime action with telekinesis combat system

Scarlet Nexus is an action game from Japanese developers Bandai Namco Studios. The game tells about people with perfect abilities and possession of telekinesis. The game should exit approximately in 2020. And you can play it on the consoles. The comp uter version is not yet available.

About the plot.

A group of scientists found a special hormone that is located in the human brain. With it, a person can use telekinesis. With this ability, special people can change the space.

“Others” learned about these developments, the so-called mutants descending to the earth to feast on people with such abilities. Attacking mutants have protective effects from conventional weapons and only people with telekinesis can resist them.

In this regard, a special OSF department was created, which is fighting against invasion from outside. And is the last accurate pillar of human society. The action will unfold in the city of New Himuka.

One of these super people is Yuito Sumeragi, a special forces fighter at OSF. At his disposal there is a melee weapon, but a special power against the enemy is in him. In case of danger, he can throw heavy objects at enemies using the power of thought.