Soviet medium tank T-29 history, review

The main points in the development of a new tank lay the concept of a tank that could move both on tracks and on wheels. Engineers of that time planned to solve the problem of the wear of the tracks, and in the event of a breakdown or a knocked down track in combat, it did not stop the tank. The tank, though with lower maneuverability and cross-country ability, could continue to move.

The T-29 tank was developed in 1934 in the ATB of the technical department of the EGPU OGPU and was intended to replace the T-28 tank. An experimental model was manufactured in Leningrad at a pilot plant Spetsmashresta them. CM. Kirov (plant number 185) in 1935. The chief engineer of the machine was N. V. Zeitz. The tank had two types of propulsion: tracked and wheeled.

In the years 1934-1935, the T-29 tanks passed many tests, including comparative tests with the T-28. According to their results, it was concluded that the T-29, although more difficult to manufacture, was of great interest because of its high speed and good maneuverability.

The T-29 was a three-turreted tank, similar in layout to the T-28 tank. However, in comparison with the latter, the body underwent a number of changes, in particular, it became somewhat wider (by 350 mm) and higher (by 200 mm), which occurred due to the placement of the suspension elements inside the armored hull. In addition, a number of hull elements underwent minor configuration changes. The hull was welded from rolled armor plates with a thickness of 10 to 30 mm.

Undoubtedly, the T-29 was the original machine, which was used a number of interesting technical solutions. A three-axis drive allowed a significant increase in the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and powerful weapons, along with armor, reliably protecting against bullets and shell fragments, made the T-29 a very promising tank.

Only a few cars were produced, after which production was stopped, as the design of the tank turned out to be difficult, and the chassis had low reliability.

In the World of Tanks online game, the Soviet medium tank T – 29 is on level 3. The game is a premium and premium car. It was possible to get such a tank in honor of a special event and by completing a specific combat mission.

In the game, the tank has impressive average size compared to classmates. It happens that the armor restrains the attacks of enemy tanks, but often penetrates almost everything. It is difficult to play such a tank, and most likely it will not bring much pleasure. Because of its size, it is easy to get into even a long distance. Scouts are very easy to shine him, and it is difficult to find an enemy light tank T – 29, even with an observation tube.

The armament of the T – 29 is also not the most comfortable. A reduction of 100 meters is 2.33 seconds. And the spread is generally a bomb comparable to that of artillery, as much as 0.55 meters. Playing with such a tool is simply not pleasant. Often misses with full information at medium distances. Not very good speed of the projectile, which is why it is difficult to get into enemy tanks. And you have to get used to the gun, and this time that can be spent playing on more interesting tanks. Reloaded gun about 5 seconds, not the best performance. From the pleasant moments that can be specified in this tank, this is a one-time damage. Which is 110 units. Here you can only successfully implement it at close distances. And because of the large scatter, this will not be easy.
In short distances, the T – 29 will not be easy to survive either, as the tank is very often punched. And reloading the gun and its spread does not allow the tank to be made into an assault tank. Even at close range.

The result for this T-29 tank is simple, stand in the hangar as an exhibit and replenish the collection as a rare tank.