The game event World of Tanks in honor of Halloween: “Dark Front”

The team of developers World of Tanks in honor of Halloween has released a special game event “Dark Front”. Within the framework of which from October 18 to November 5, players can get good interest on credits and experience, as well as a unique style and stripe. To do this, players must perform the main task – to collect as much green matter as possible and deliver it to the Vault at the base.

To participate in this event, the player must become part of the Twilight Detachment – an elite tank unit, designed to destroy the rebel war machines and clear the Dark Front. The composition of the Twilight squad is a platoon of up to five players, that is, five tanks.

The game takes place on a special tank MT-Revenant. on which you can collect green matter, which is located throughout the map – these are luminous green pillars. However, most of her in the rebel tanks. Destroy them and take matter! The rebels come to life when they feel your approach. The rebels are divided into three classes of light, medium and heavy tanks.

Approximately in the middle of the game, you can activate the “Ark” anomaly. After it is activated, the team and your MT-Revenant tank change their characteristics. They can shoot quickly, the speed increases, the speed can increase on the amount of matter transported.