World of Tanks game event Steel Hunter

The World of Tanks kicked off a massive game event – Steel Hunter. These are new game mechanics and exciting battles, as well as the opportunity to learn the mysterious history of the secret German military base. The event runs from August 26, 12:00 (Moscow time) to September 16, 4:00 (Moscow time). Ceasefire 4: 00-7: 00 (Moscow time).

The fighting takes place on the territory of a secret German military base, where research was carried out to develop unique weapons – automated systems for the creation and restoration of military equipment.

You are waiting for a test in which in the event “Steel Hunter” everyone is for himself. In battle, 20 (when playing solo) or 21 players (when playing in a platoon of three people) participate. Loners fight only against loners, platoons – against platoons. The maximum duration of the battle is 15 minutes. The battle takes place on the huge city map “Zone 404” measuring 2×2 km. The main goal is to survive at all costs. To reach it, collect trophies located on the map and timely leave the danger zones. At the end of the battle, only one player or platoon will remain. And may the strongest win!

The map is gradually narrowing, leaving less and less space for battle and survival. Before closing, the location sector is marked in orange – this is a signal to leave it as soon as possible. When a sector is closed, it is indicated in red and a countdown timer appears. If your car is in this sector when the countdown is over, it will begin to gradually lose strength points until it is destroyed.

In the Steel Hunter game event, you can:

  • Improve the tank directly in battle;
  • Collect trophies from destroyed equipment;
  • Pick up cargo that is discharged from the air – this is the most valuable and dangerous loot on the map;
  • Use unique combat reserves that can influence the outcome of the battle;
  • Detect enemy equipment and loot on a map using the new Radar mechanics;
  • Test a new visibility system, all of which are detailed below.

There are 3 unique tanks in the hangar to participate in this event. USA, Germany and the USSR. Which are distinguished by their abilities and characteristics. Rattlesnake, the tank belongs to the United States and the main advantages are high PDM and good radar. Red dawn belongs to the USSR and has a good speed and high penetration of armor. Flammenschwert is a German tank, its feature is reliable armor and high one-time damage.