American medium tank T2 Medium Tank

The US Medium Tank T2 Medium Tank is an experimental medium tank. Work on the machine were carried out in 1930-1932. Not commercially available.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American medium tank T2 Medium Tank is at level 2. This medium tank is the medium one, it has average indicators for speed, armament, reservation. The best option for level 2.

The mobility of the American medium tank T2 Medium Tank for this class is normal. The maximum speed is 40 kilometers per hour. The speed of rotation is 40 degrees per second. On-site does not unfold quickly, but this is normal.

Reservations are not the best, however, allows you to withstand machine-gun shots from enemy tanks to a level below. The frontal armor of the hull is 22 millimeters, and the frontal armor of the tower is 25 millimeters.

On the American medium tank T2 Medium Tank, you can install one of three guns to choose from. Machine guns 37 mm Browning Semiautomatic Gun, 20 mm Hispano-Suiza Birkigt Gun or gun 37 mm Gun M5. Our choice was the 37 mm Gun M5, which allowed us to pierce the armor of 48 millimeters and inflict one-time damage of about 40 units.