The Riftbreaker strategy about colonizing new planets with a combat robot

The developer of the game is the Polish studio Exor brought the game to general testing. In this test, players will have one mission available to familiarize themselves with the preliminary plot. As well as a special mode of “Survival”, in which the player has to build a base defense and repel attacks on the base by the inhabitants of the colonized planet.

The developers did not rule out and did not prohibit making videos and shooting material about the game. But they asked to notify people that the game is in testing and maybe by the end of testing everything can change. As with other games, test participants can offer their ideas on introducing some interesting points into the game.

The Riftbreaker is a game about how humanity sends an expedition to a new planet of people with mechanized equipment. After landing on a new planet, you will need to find resources to create and build a base. Considering the dangers that new colonists may face, they have at their disposal an arsenal of weapons in the form of a “battle robot” and turret defense towers.

The player will control the “Battle Robot”, travel the planet and look for resources for the development of the base. It is possible to select game modes. And if players are more interested in the development of the base itself, then you can select the “Sandboxes” mode. In which a special emphasis is placed on strategy and construction itself.