Northgard Bull Clan (Himminbrethir) review and game tips

The Bull Clan is committed to its descendants. The leader of the clan is the great Torfin, who returned to achieve his goals and the goals of his people. In the development of resource production, this clan is considered the slowest, but having gained pace it will be able to compete on equal terms with other clans and even get ahead of its competitors.

The Bull Clan is a new clan for which there was a special addition.

The Bull Clan has its bonuses.

  • Governor “Peat” can find and carry artifacts that make him stronger.

Artifacts can be found on the “Ancient battlefield.” To do this, you just need to fight with enemies and artifacts appear in random places. In order for Torfin to be able to put on artifacts, you need to direct it to the “Ancient battlefield” and after a while he will extract it.

Artifacts can be of two levels. Artifacts of the first level can be located not far from the base and it is not difficult to get them, and time is not spent much.

But artifacts of the second level are further from the base and can be located on the territory of the enemy clan. Obtaining them is understandably more difficult and more time is spent on extraction.

You can look at the found artifacts in the “Equipment Bag” and optionally replace with the ones you like. Next to the “Equipment Bag” you can find out the location of another “Ancient Battlefield”. After pressing the button, the camera will immediately move to the place where the artifact is located.

  • The fighters of the “Clan Bull” are stronger and more voracious, but have a 15% attack bonus and 15% defense.
  • Production workers have increased production growth by +40%. Except for the “Sages.”

The Bull Clan has fines.

  • In all industrial buildings not improved, there may be only 1 “Peasant”. The same number of places give and military buildings.

Because of this, you have to try earlier to improve the production facilities in order to attach another “Poselyanin”.

Resource extraction seems slower due to the fact that the Mine cannot be improved. And only one Pitman can work in it.

  • The House building accommodates a smaller population.

Because of this penalty, at the beginning of the game you have to try to plan the construction and build two “Houses” on the same territory. This spends additional resources and increases the time for the development of the clan.

There is a need to increase the territory, and due to not very fast production, it is more difficult to develop the territory.

A clan is difficult to develop and confront other clans on small maps. Since the population is not large and resource extraction is slower.

Clan relic.

The clan relic is called Aegir. After construction, gives the main character of the Torfin clan the Jerk ability. But first you need to study it in the Forge.

If you are in enemy territory with a “Defense Tower”, you can activate the “Jerk” ability and indicate the direction to the tower. After that, “Peat” runs up and crashes into the enemy “Defense Tower”. Thus, you can destroy the tower with one hit.

If there are enemy fighters nearby in the enemy “Defense Tower”, then “Peat” intimidates them.

Clan Traditions.

  • “Military training”.

Fighters begin to receive “Combat Experience” on their territory and if they do not participate in battles.

  • “Urban planner”.

If the territory is improved, then workers receive +15% of production. And the buildings located in this territory cease to require maintenance.

A very useful feature when having a large territory.

  • “Furious onslaught.”

After the “Wars” used the “Onslaught” their damage increases by + 50%. This study also increases the forging of weapons for “Warriors” in the “Forge” by + 100% and reduces its cost by 50%.

Warriors gain an Onslaught improvement after their tools have improved in the Forge.

  • “Military craft.”

Fighters receive a Combat Experience, which brings Ghosts and Glory.

  • The Expendibility.

Gives bonuses to the head of the Torfin clan. After studying this improvement, Torfin gains + 5% attack and defense for each artifact discovered. In total, you can find 6 artifacts.

And the peculiar ability “Vampirism” to restore life at the expense of defeated fighters. If a fighter dies during the battle with Torfin, then he gains + 10% health from the health of the defeated fighter.

Clan Governor.

The governor and leader of the Bull Clan is Torfin, a powerful warrior and natural born leader.

For him there is a special building in the form of a throne on which he sits. This building is already built by default at the beginning of the game, next to the “Town Hall” and in the same territory.

In order to hire him you need 250 units of “Gold and 15 units of Iron.” At the moment, this is the most expensive character in the game. But having good priorities.

Peat has 100 health, 15 damage, and 10 defense. And with the artifacts found, the indicators are greater.

On “Torfin” you can wear artifacts of 2 levels that increase performance and give passive skills. You can set up suitable artifacts in the Equipment bag.

It is important to note that the assembled equipment sets do not give additional bonuses. And the “Artifacts” of the first level look more effective than the “Artifacts” of the second level.

Level 1 artifacts:

  • “Heimdall’s Leggings for Travel.”

After Torfin donned this artifact, he gains the passive Stomp ability. This ability deals area damage. It also increases the movement speed by 20% both on its territory and on the enemy.

  • “Heimdall’s Shoulders for Hunting.”

Dressed on a character, increase protection by + 10%. And gives the passive ability to “Reflect enemy attacks”, can reflect 20% of the damage received.

  • “Heimdall gloves for training.”

Increases the “Torfin” attack by 10%, as well as the attack speed by + 10%.

Level 2 artifacts:

The location of such artifacts is located in difficult places, the lands of which are protected by other enemy clans. And they are usually farther from the base than artifacts of the first level.

  • “Ring Shoulders of Tire.”

If you put them on Torfin, they will increase his protection by 10% and health by 25%.

  • “Tyr Leggings for a Jerk.”

Torfin receives a 20% chance to dodge. And they increase speed by 20%, but only in the Union territory.

  • “Fighting Gloves of Tire.”

Increases attack power by 10%. And they reduce the damage taken by Torfin from long-range weapons by 20%.

Conclusion on the “Clan Bull” and advice.

The “Bull Clan” is considered voracious and there are fewer workers in industrial buildings. And even so, achieving good performance is possible.

It will be difficult at the beginning of the game to find free territories for the “Houses”, since there are fewer available free places in the “Houses”. And in one area will have to build several houses. In our case, it turned out that we had to rebuild the “Houses” built at the beginning to another territory in order to improve production.

For the “House” building, it is better to immediately select territories that are not fertile, so it is better to build a “Warehouse” and a “Healer’s Hut” on them. These two buildings increase the production of “Food”, which is very important for the development of the settlement.

After one improvement of the production building, it will be possible to add another “Peasant”. As a result, 2 workers will be able to accommodate in the production building. And after that, the production of the resource increases markedly.

Thanks to the improvement in the Giving, the Urban Planner can eliminate the content that the buildings require and increase production by 15% in this area. But this bonus will only become effective after the territory is improved.

Improvement “Urban planner” will allow to maintain and develop large territories. At the same time, the defensive structure “Defensive Tower” will not require maintenance. Thus, it increases the protection of territories.

And for better performance, you need to improve production buildings. First, it’s better to mine Metal in order to hire Torfin. So it will be easier to develop and clean new territories from enemies.

And only then “Stone” and u to improve the “Town Hall”, which would increase population growth and open the opportunity to pump other industrial buildings.

The closest competitor of “Torfin” in combat ability is the “Warrior” from the “Bear Clan”.