The Waylanders review about characters and battle classes

The developers of the Waylanders game promise that the game will implement a unique process of tactical battles. And also the ability to customize the character for different classes. In total, the game will have 6 base classes and in addition 30 advanced classes. 5 races are also available for which you can play. The game is planned to be released in 2020.

About allies and partners.

You can take several partners in one team and each of them is unique in its own way. And by combining joint knowledge and skills, they are able to overcome seemingly complex problems.

  • Amergin.

Amergin is a druid who knows magic well. Among the people he is famous for his intelligence and charm. And his faith is aimed at the fact that the world is in balance. And the people consider him a political authority to adorn the Celts as a powerful druid.

He received magical abilities as a child, when his parents sent him to a school of magic. Where he gained standard knowledge in magic and gained a reputation as a person who defends the interests of the Celtic people and his way of life.

  • Berath.

In a team among his associates is diligent and serious, but at the same time kind. He likes to take care of his flower garden and relax while the flowers bloom.

Despite all the positive qualities, he is still a powerful and immortal warrior. At the same time, she admires the tiny butterfly. And after big battles, she likes to meditate and replenish the energy of nature.

  • Delba.

He is the daughter of the Fomorsky king. Even in childhood, she was sheltered by people and from this period she proves to them that her race can be friendly. Some people are afraid of her, considering it terrible. And sometimes it can be tough when such decisions are required.

The bulk of the Fomoranto people live in the shade. And Delba wants them to one day come to the surface and begin to live like ordinary people.

  • Heraklios.

He is a Greek mercenary who loves fame and honest fights. He has excellent knowledge of Greek legends and myths. And when there’s no one to fight with, he’s glad to spend the evening in fun places with a beer.

When the opportunity arises to fight the enemy, Heraklios rushes into battle to become famous and gain a fair achievement and glory. And his biggest dream is to get the title of a hero and go down in history.

  • Khaldun.

It has a sharp mind and knowledge. It is a noble family in the kingdom “Kush”. When she was a child, she was sent to the best educational institution in Egypt in the city of Alexandnia. Its advantages include the possibility of knowledge of different languages. And in case of need, you can translate any scroll that may need to be decrypted.

Khaldun owns the powers of necromancy and worships the god Osiris. And among the partners, because of this, there may not be big differences.

  • Mal.

The team is a tough and dangerous warrior. She loves violence, but even she managed to channel such a habit into the right channels. They are not averse to kicking any monsters. After all, it gives her great pleasure. At the same time, he appreciates loyalty and at all costs will try to stay even if the circumstances are difficult.

Mal has an amazing ability that allows her to see the process of killing a victim. To do this, she needs to take the victim’s eye and after that she has this vision.

  • Rea.

Rea is a hereditary female werewolf. She does not like to express thoughts in complex words. The simpler the dialogue, the better. During the campaigns, her instinct is very useful.

And in her freedom from military operations, she dreams of giving birth to her puppies and start a family.

  • Brigg.

Among the partners is the oldest, which is about 50 years old. And is not immortal. She was a commander in the king’s army until she resigned. He is fluent in swords and axes, even at that age. Even in critical situations, tries to remain optimistic.

In her free time she enjoys reading books in quiet and secluded settings. Or meditate, because command takes a lot of strength and energy.

  • Traste.

This is a fabulous goblin character. Originally from the coastal city of Aunes, where there are a lot of people like him and a lot of music. He likes jokes and jokes, and also dreams of being a people.

About the game races in the Waylanders.

  • Fomorians.

This is a race of big giants, when they ruled Ireland. But after the Tuat invasion, they had to leave for the Murky world for a thousand years. And all this time they were looking for the right moment to return.

But to form the necessary army did not work. Since at times people attacked small settlements and fought with them only to increase their status. People raided monsters and monsters, and the people of Fomorian, in their understanding, belonged to just such.

Over time, racial disagreements led the Fomorian people to defend their settlements. And in the war with people turned into cannibals. But it was divided into two camps, one was against the people, and the others became half of the Fomorian.

  • Murians.

They are considered an immortal race. They are distinguished by high intelligence and a tendency to magic. Their habitat and homeland is the surface of the earth, but some of their citizens have created their own society and are based in the underworld and Meduls. But they managed to preserve the wisdom and values ​​of family relationships.

The people of Murian in the world are famous for their excellent artisans and therefore very valuable things can be found in their stores. But making friends with them and getting approval for the opportunity to trade is not easy.

  • Werewolves.

In the world among people it is believed that werewolves become the full moon. But in terms of this race, everything is different, they are constantly in their wolf skin. And to the surprise of many nations, they are mortal.

Centuries later, humans managed to tame some creatures and settle them nearby. At the same time make them reliable friends. But still, most remained living in forest camps preserving their culture.

In the camps they obey their leader and are not trustful to outsiders; in some places they are hostile. But making friends with them, you can get a good shelter and a house in Kaltia.

  • Goblin.

These are cute and playful creatures who like to joke and have fun. But it wasn’t there, danger is hidden behind their cute jokes and it is not always possible to discern hostility in jokes. And under their masks that they wear it is difficult to appreciate their true emotions.

They have excellent command of magic and are capable of causing great damage to their opponents. Because of their behavior, they often come under suspicion of a crime. And their main number is concentrated in the city of Aunes.

  • People.

They are the most common and numerical race with several nationalities. The main ones are the Celts. They are well developed and have trade routes with different places.

People are devoted to their worldview and culture. But at the same time they are the only ones who fight among themselves, unlike other races available.

About the fighting classes in the Waylanders.

Each class has sex, it can be either a man or a woman.

  • Warrior.

This class has very strong blows of close combat, but not very good defense. To inflict heavy damage, they use heavy weapons. And as an additional ability, they can knock back an adversary.

The main weapons that the Warriors can own are two-handed weapons and heavy weapons. But only melee.

  • Sentinel.

This is a melee fighter worn by a shield to repel enemy attacks. Despite his protective functions, he is able to inflict damage to enemies, but with average indicators. It can well take on enemy attacks and push the direction for its allies.

The main weapons that the Sentinel can own are shields and heavy one-handed weapons. Inflicts melee attacks.

  • Outcast.

This is a fighter of secretive movement, which can imperceptibly move to specified areas and inflict fatal blows. Can use the ability to stealth and disguise, and if desired, can remove the disguise to strike.

The main weapon of an outcast is daggers. A strong point is mobility, secrecy and dodging.

  • Ranger.

A ranger is a ranged fighter with the ability to summon animals to the battlefield. It can deliver accurate long-range strikes while remaining in a safe place. It is capable of dealing critical damage.

The main features of the “Ranger” are ranged weapons and summon animals to the battlefield.

  • The Wizard.

This is a kind of magician who may one day become a sorcerer. His magic attacks can damage both one enemy and a group of enemies within a radius. And in case of danger can move to another location.

The main features of the “Wizard” are attacks on the area and moving to another safe area.

  • Healer.

“Healer” is also a kind of magician, but his magic is aimed at peaceful purposes and is able to restore allies. Can apply summoning magic and summon earth spirits to help. Summoned spirits can serve allies as protectors and look like protective auras. Or attack enemies by weakening their defensive functions.

Features of the “Healer”, can heal and protect allies, as well as cast positive spells on them. And remove negative diseases or spells cast on them.