Sea of Thieves About the dangers in the sea Kraken and Megaladon secrets of victory over them.

The game Sea of ​​Thieves has enough enemies that can tickle the nerves of experienced pirates. And only experienced and courageous pirates can overcome the dangers and be worthy of valuable rewards.

The first level of enemies we distinguish “Skeletons”.

The first ones newcomers can meet are Skeletons. And there are several species that have their own characteristics and weaknesses. And if you know their secrets, then you can significantly simplify the passage and accelerate development. There are 4 types of “Skeletons” in the game and each species has its own captains. Captains are not considered big bosses for which they give valuable rewards in the Trading Company Order of the Souls. Since after the victory over the skeleton captain, a skull falls out of him.

All skeletons have little protection from small arms, which does little damage to them. So you need to defeat them with melee attacks with melee weapons. In doing so, consider their priorities and strengths.

  • Ordinary skeletons with a bandage on the skull.

They can be armed with small-arms ranged weapons. They have no bonuses, priorities and secret secrets. Well, if only the opportunity to shoot pirates from far away. If there are several of them, you need to be very careful and quickly move around with jumps. Try to attack from the side, so that their gun would not be turned towards our character.

  • Black skeletons.

You can recognize them by their black color and luminous eyes. It is better to attack such skeletons in the daytime. Since at night they are immune to weapon damage. Their skeleton shape changes to black smoke and eyes glow in the same way. And in the daytime they are ordinary skeletons without immunity.

To defeat them at night, you need to take a “Lantern” with you. And when they appear in the field of vision you need to immediately get the “Lantern” and start to shine on them. At this time, for 10 seconds, they lose their immunity and become vulnerable to any weapon.

  • Skeletons overgrown with grass.

You can recognize them by appearance. They almost sprouted grass. Among the “Skeletons” are considered one of the most dangerous. Since they have protection against small arms by 90%. And also capable of dealing damage from a distance.

It is better to join the battle if they are on land and have no contact with water. If the “Skeleton overgrown with grass” is in contact with water, then his health points begin to be replenished. That is, regeneration occurs, and therefore it is almost impossible to defeat it. So it’s better to attack them on a sunny day when there is no rain and keep them out of the water.

  • Golden skeletons.

Perhaps this type of skeleton is the most dangerous. Since they have good protection against all types of weapons, but low speed. May have ranged weapons.

To defeat such dangerous opponents, you must try to lure them into the water. Upon contact with water, they lose their immunity to protection from weapons. For example, you can attack them when it rains.

Tip. You need to carry a bucket of water with you. And before the attack, first pour water from a bucket, and then inflict attacks with melee weapons. Or simply lure to the seashore, when the “Golden Skeletons” are in the water, you can safely proceed to the rapid attacks of long-range combat. But for the damage from melee weapons, they remain immune, even after water.

To make it even easier to deal with them, you need to put the ship to the shore of the island. The ship should be set up so that it would be possible to shoot at the “Golden Skeletons” from a ship’s cannon. At the same time, they receive full damage from cannonballs and it seems that they have no immunity to this type of weapon.

The second level of danger for a pirate is Megaladon.

Defeating such a creature is very difficult, it has a good margin of safety. And the pirate is required maximum knowledge of the ship and experience in its management.

When Megaladon’s vision enters the field, it pops up and begins to circle in the circle of the ship. It attacks about once with a period of about 1 minute. When attacking a ship, it breaks through the hull leaving 4 medium holes on it. And players who were on deck at the time of the bite of the ship also receive damage.

Tips for hunting fish Megaladon.

If, nevertheless, you are in big navigation alone, completing tasks at Trading Companies. You need to immediately look for the nearest island, rock or any obstacle. We recommend stopping the ship next to them, after which the Megaladon stops circling in the circle of the ship and after a while floats away.

If you still dared to challenge this monster, then it is better to take a partner with you 1-2 people. And alone, try not to hunt, as defeating him will be difficult and just as difficult to save the ship. After the ship gets damaged, you need to run to patch up the holes, and this takes time. In this case, you still need to control the ship and shoot at it from cannons.

It is important to note that Megaladon has a different number of health points. Which depends on the type of ship. The larger the type of ship and the more guns on the deck, the greater the health of Megaladon. In addition, the delay time between attacks is reduced. If you are sailing on the “Galleon” or “Brigantine”, then the attacks will be more frequent than on the “Shlyup”.

To defeat the “Megaladon” on the ship “Sloop” you need to make direct hits from the guns 15 times. On the “Brigantine” you need to get 25 times. Well, if you sail on the “Galleon”, then the “Megaladon” has 35 strength points.

When the Megaladon attacks, it inflicts 4 holes and leaves for the next patrol in the ship’s circle. To get less damage, you need to shoot 2 times in the mouth at the time of the Megaladon attack. Then he will inflict only one hole in the ship.

After the attack of Megaladon, one partner runs to patch holes, repairs the ship and pumps out water with a bucket. And the other at this time calmly inflicts damage on him from the guns and controls the ship.

In order for the ship and crew to receive less damage, try to substitute the back of the ship. A team to escape into the hold at the time of the attack, “Megaladon”. In this case, the ship will receive minimal damage, and the crew will retain health points. This tactic works on ships such as “Sloop” and “Brigantine.”

In terms of the Galleon, things are a little the same, but to save the ship it is better to take a team of 2-3 people. Thus, it is easier to run around the decks and look for holes to patch them. It is also faster to scoop up water and in a short period of time to inflict more hits with shells.

The third level of danger is the Kraken.

“Kraken” is a monster with tentacles resembling an octopus. A monster appears in the sea, which is covered in black. When the ship falls into the center of the black spot, then after some time tentacles appear from the water. However, not all tentacles do the same kind of damage. Each species deals different damage and is dangerous in its own way, but there are 3 in total.

To defeat the “Kraken” you need to try to shoot at the tentacles that are a little further from the ship. Depending on the type of ship, the Kraken has a different number of health points. And the larger the ship, the greater the number of tentacles you need to knock out. And in order to defeat one main tentacle you need to get a cannon shell 5 times.

If you are sailing on the “Sloop”, you will have to sink the two main tentacles. In this case, each need to get 5 times. After defeating two tentacles, the Kraken leaves.

On the ship “Brigantine” will have to defeat the 4 main tentacles, which are located a little further from the ship.

And the “Galleon” will have to fight with the 6 main tentacles. And to win alone will be very difficult. So it’s better to recruit a team of 2-3 people.

If you nevertheless appreciated that you won’t manage to defeat Kraken. You just need to fight off the tentacles of the first row and remove the capture from the ship. The speed in black water is significantly reduced, however, the ship is in motion. And for this you just need not to change course and move strictly in the forward direction. Soon, black water ends and the ship continues to move at standard speed.

Tips for solving problems with the attacking tentacles “Kraken”:

  1. One of the ability of the tentacles is causing damage to the ship, which spoil the hull and holes appear. In this case, you need to try to have time to repair the ship and inflict damage from the gun on this tentacle.
  2. The second feature is the ability to suck a pirate in the mouth of one of the tentacles. If such an action, “Kraken” succeeded, then you need to immediately get your melee weapons and launch attacks. Can help out team members who shoot this tentacle from a cannon.

So that such an incident does not happen and you do not end up in the mouth of the Kraken. You just need to run into the hold and wait for time until such a tentacle leaves. Or have time to make a few shots from the gun.

  1. The third ability of the Kraken. This is when one tentacle grabs the ship and squeezes. At this point, the ship gets damaged in the form of a hole that needs to be patched by the Board.

To remove this damage, you need to shoot at the tentacles from the cannon that appears from the side of the ship. After falling, this tentacle goes to the other side of the ship. And you also need to shoot at it with a shell from a cannon. And after these actions the capture of the ship of one of the tentacles is removed.

The fourth type of danger is the “Skeleton Ship”.

A “Skeleton Ship” appears out of the water and almost immediately starts firing nuclei. At the same time, he has the ability to shoot both “Normal Cores” and “Cursed Cores”.

The best way to sink the Skeleton Ship is to simply shoot it from the cannons at the bottom of the ship’s hull. Thus, he may lose all strength points.

But the ship itself is better to go. Skeletons can be the same as those on land. “Ordinary skeletons” and “Skeletons overgrown with grass.” They can be defeated by the same technology as skeletons on land. But only on the ship they are possibly endless, and the ship does not have problems.

There is no way to capture the Skeleton Ship, as there is no way to interact with its controls. As a result, boarding does not make any sense. You just need to shoot him, and after defeating him, chests fall out of him.