Total War WARHAMMER 3 Download and Buy global strategy genre

Total War WARHAMMER 3 is a tactical strategy and action game with a focus on global strategy. In which you can control large numbers of armies on a large and open battlefield. Developers from the CREATIVE ASSEMBLY studio worked on the game. At the moment, it is known that the release of the game is scheduled for 2021 and the pre-order is already open.

About a new story in the game Total War WARHAMMER 3.

This time, the players will be brought into the territory of the kingdom of chaos, where it is very difficult for mere mortals to survive. The local lands keep many secrets and temptations that denigrate the souls of warriors and consume it.

In the world of the kingdom of chaos, there are 4 deities who are trying to desecrate the world at the right moment. Traveling through these dangerous lands, you can encounter the “Lord of excess Slaanesh”, “the god of bloodshed and carnage Horn”, “Plague god Nurgle” and “Changing paths Tzeentch”.

Two powerful kingdoms are capable of withstanding the impending threat. Such as “Steadfast Kiselev” and the great empire “Great Katay”. Each side has its drawbacks. Nevertheless, you will have to go to fight on the territory of the kingdom of chaos in order to save the world.

About the features of the game Total War WARHAMMER 3.

  • In the new history of Total War WARHAMMER 3, the developers plan to implement the unification of all maps of the game Total War. To do this, you will have to purchase all series of the game in one store.
  • In the new part of Total War WARHAMMER 3 a new race will be available.
  • During 2021, the developers of the Total War WARHAMMER 3 game plan to provide players with an additional update.

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