World Of Tanks list of Gold Cards in the Lucky Card promotion

The developers of the World of Tanks game on November 12, 2020 released a mini-game “Lucky Card” for players. In which you can find and play by going to the official website of the game. You can take part in the mini-game from November 12, 2020 to November 19, 2020.

Fans of the game World of Tanks had the opportunity to receive unique personal discounts on the game’s products. At the same time, the opportunity could be used for real money and game currencies, only once. Including in-game currency – credits.

During the period of the action it was noticed that one offer was repeated several times. And this despite the fact that the developers indicated in the information on the Lucky Card mini-game about the drop of the offer only once.

The mini-game “Lucky Card” itself was made in the form of an interesting lottery. Players caught cards in their browser on a special site. Each card flew at a different speed and had a different size. During the day we made four attempts to find the best deals in the “Happy Card”. Since after the expiration of the time, the offers were canceled and the opportunity was given to search for new special offers.

“Golden Cards” are considered the rarest, as they dropped out in limited quantities and in them one could find the most delicious offers. It was possible to find a gold card in small-sized flying cards that flew at high speed. To catch such a card, it was necessary to work hard, besides, even a click on the card did not guarantee its acquisition.

An approximate list of “Gold Cards”.

  • Ready for battle.

You could get 50 large repair kits, 50 large first aid kits, 50 automatic fire extinguishers. It was possible to take advantage of the offer for loans. Only for 1 250 000. Maybe the offer is not very attractive because of the total price and need, the savings are good. In addition, this equipment could then be sold and loans earned.

  • A set of pumping.

They were given 30 days of premium for a tank account and a task to increase experience by 5 with 30 accomplishments. You could buy the offer for 550 rubles.

  • SU – 122 – 44

The gold card made it possible to purchase a Soviet anti-tank self-propelled gun of the 7th level SU – 122 – 44. With a slot in the hangar and a crew, as well as a task to increase experience by 5 with 35 times completed. In addition, they were given the Moonlight style, 2,500 gold and 1,500,000 credits. And for only 1,699 rubles. Of all the gold cards available, SU – 122 – 44 was the most attractive.

  • Credit stock.

With the “Credit Stock” gold card, you could get 3,000,000 credits for 4,500 gold. The benefit is not very significant. It was useful for those who needed loans.

  • Premium set.

Gave 1 day premium and 250 gold. For only 55 rubles.

  • Reserve fund.

With the help of the “Reserve Fund” gold card, one could profit from reserves for a modest 500 units of gold. The set included +300% crew experience for 1 hour 5 units, +100% combat experience for 1 hour 5 units, + 50% credits for 1 hour 5 units and the task to increase experience by 5 with 15 completions.


For the entire period of the mini-game “Lucky Card” there were enough good offers that could be used for modest money. True, not all offers were of great interest and in some cases the discount provided seemed not very attractive. Nevertheless, many thanks to the developers of the game World Of Tanks for the fact that they continue to delight players with interesting offers.