Weird West Guide Legendary weapons for free

Weird West is made in the genre of action-RPG, in time western in the Wild West. Players will plunge into a dark fantasy atmosphere that surrounds people with fantastic creatures. In the process of passing the players will make decisions that affect the further passage. The heroes do not have to constantly fight alone, one day, a detachment of volunteers will gradually form.

In the vastness of the game Weird West there are many hostile creatures, to defeat which you need a good weapon. In this article, we will tell you where and how you can get legendary weapons absolutely free. Each weapon, except for the legendary one, can be improved by increasing its characteristics. But, the process with improvements is very complex and time consuming. Free legendary weapons can be obtained much faster if you follow the instructions below. Of course, you can buy legendary weapons, but their price is very high and you still need to save money.

Free legendary weapons, in the game Weird West.

  • Weapon “Legendary Strong Bow” and armor “Legendary Bearskin Jacket”, in the game Weird West.

The weapon “Legendary strong bow” will allow you to deal one-time damage in the amount of 75 units, has an average attack radius. You can buy a legendary bow from the seller for $1,500. Armor “Legendary Bearskin Jacket” increases defense by 60%. The dealer can cost about $ 1,000. Both things are quite rare, which is very difficult to find. To begin with, you must have at least 5 pieces of master keys in your inventory.

The process of obtaining legendary items.

There is one way to get the above items absolutely free. To do this, you need to go to the Fort Glen location, the Dagger and Bones camp. We approach the tailor and inspect all the things he has. After that, we leave the building and go behind the fence. Near the exit from the location, you need to rest and try to go to the tailor at night. This is the best time to try to master weapons for free.

At the time of the second visit to the tailor, it is advisable to move in a hidden position, move while sitting. The door must be locked, try to break the door with the help of 5 pieces of “Lockpicks”. We open the broken door and immediately go behind the fence, in the same hidden form, in a sitting position. The tailor should notice a suspicious presence in his room, but not see your hero.

If it was not possible to produce suspicion on the part of the tailor, then we try to enter the building, but we do not enter completely. It is important to be at the entrance and wait for the question mark above the tailor’s head to fill when he hears extraneous sounds. After that, we run away again, in a sitting position, behind the fence. The tailor must go in search of the heard extraneous sound. We wait for the tailor to leave his store and immediately run into the room to inspect the items for sale. Open the counter and pick up the legendary items. We run out of the tailor’s shop also in a sitting position.

  • Weapons “Legendary combat rifle “Gauser”, in the game Weird West.

To start getting weapons, you need to play the humanoid character Desiderio Rios and have lock picks. You can get weapons in the Burnetsville location, in the building with the Guns sign. First, we approach the merchant and inspect the things he sells. After the inspection, we go outside, you can go behind the building and “Relax”. After resting, we begin to fight in a hidden form, in a sitting position.

The process of obtaining a legendary weapon.

At night, the seller must go to his bed for the night. If you are on the building, then you can trace the movement of the seller to your room. After a while, after the seller enters his room, you can go to crack the locked door lock. After breaking the door lock, we immediately go into the room to the sleeping seller and take the “Key” from the store.

We go down to the first floor, open the door to the store in a sitting position. At this point, a woman should come up and sit on a chair that is next to the door. You can ignore the woman and continue to open the door. There will be a guard inside the store, if he notices, then you need to immediately go outside. It is necessary that the guard noticed you and made a warning, after the warning we go out into the street.

We are waiting for the guard to come to the window and begin to examine the surrounding area. At this moment, we run into the store, in a sitting position, and clean all the counters. Somewhere in the chests is the legendary weapon “Gauser Combat Rifle”. You can try to have time to pick up all the things that the store sells, it can be weapons and ammunition. In one run, you can decently get rich if you sell all the items you receive to other merchants.

  • Weapon “Legendary Shotgun” Widow’s Doom “from” Blackrock “, in the game Weird West.

Blackrock Legendary Widow’s Doom Shotgun deals 84 damage per shot. Ammunition is 5 shots and deals attacks at close range. To get the opportunity to become the owner of the legendary shotgun “Widow’s Rock”, you need to go to the location “The Birdhouse”. And also have 5 pieces of master keys. We find a weapons store with a sign “We trade Guns” and communicate with the seller during the daytime to inspect his goods.

The process of obtaining weapons.

After talking with the seller, you need to go outside and “Relax” until night time. You can relax right behind the store building, as we will need to have time to go inside the premises. It is desirable to crack the door in a sitting position and make further movements also in a sitting position. As soon as night fell, you need to immediately open the door with the help of master keys. As soon as the door is open, we immediately run behind the counter and wait for the seller to leave the store.

So, the seller did not notice us and left the store, we just have to clean all the counters. One of the chests will contain the Blackrock Legendary Widow’s Doom Shotgun. After receiving the weapon, we leave the store in the same way as we came, in a sitting position. Everything, the weapon is received, you can continue the passage of the game Weird West.

  • Weapon legendary revolver “Sharpst”, in the game Weird West.

The legendary weapon, the Sharpst revolver, deals 55 damage, and the ammo pack drops 6 rounds. The attack range is average, the attack speed is normal. You can buy a Sharpst revolver in a store, it costs $ 1,500. You can get or buy this weapon in the Burnetsville location, in the Guns store. To obtain a weapon, master keys in the amount of 1 piece may be required.

The process of obtaining weapons.

In the daytime, we inspect the store shelves, communicate with the seller, inspect the goods. After inspecting the goods, we go outside, behind the store building and go up to the second floor. We “rest” until night time and begin the process of obtaining weapons. We need to immediately break open the door to the shop seller’s room, and then quickly go down and hide in the bushes. are waiting for the seller to go up to the second floor along the outer stairs, to his room.

As soon as the seller went to his room, he should go to bed. At this time, we can safely go into his room, it is no longer necessary to crack the door, and get the key to the store. Having received the key, we go downstairs in a sitting position and open the store. There will be a guard in the store, if he notices, you will have to immediately run out of the store and possibly start over. In our case, the store’s security guard looked out the window, and we calmly collected all possible things from the counters.