Desperados 3 legendary tactical strategy in the Wild West 2019

Desperados 3 is a plot tactical western game in real time. The developers of the game is the studio Mimimi Productions. The third part tells the story of John Cooper and his gang in the merciless Wild West. The plot includes dating stories of the main characters and how they met. Each character has its own unique abilities and skills. At the very beginning we will see the legendary John Cooper, in the previous parts, in the time when he was still a teenager. At the beginning of the game, John Cooper helps his father hunt gangsters.

Desperados 3 offers the player 12 missions. In some missions, it will be possible to choose which teammates to carry out the task to send to work. The plot of the company is linear. But if you forgive a mission with some characters, and then replay with others, then you can open a side mission. Also, developers have added more enemies. There can be about a hundred of them at one location.

The player will have to complete long missions at each location, while the implementation includes his tasks and nuances. Each mission needs to be planned, to observe the enemies, to place your gang in the right places. Planning an attack can be paused. Where you can first give orders to everyone, and after turning off the pause, they immediately begin to execute the script you wrote. The player will need to try to complete the missions in tactical mode, trying not to make too much noise. Once the task has been completed, defeated enemies can be hidden. It is important to know that each weapon has its own radius of volume after a shot.

In the game there are places where there are so-called peace zones. In these areas, the player’s gang is not in danger and the residents in it are friendly. But this is until the player himself begins to perform any hostile actions.

Cooper knows how to shoot accurately from revolvers, distract enemies using fake coins and hand-to-hand combat with a knife.

Doc McCoy in the squad is a sniper, attacks enemies from a long distance. But it’s important to note that when shooting, nothing should block the target. Therefore, he needs to try to choose higher positions, in order to allow more free shooting.

Beauty Kate knows how to seduce enemies, but only male.
Isabelle Moro is a new character in the third part. Born in New Orleans, owns Voodoo art. Thanks to this, she is able to penetrate the thoughts of enemies and control their actions. In addition, she can establish communication between two enemies. If one cuts the throat, the other also bleeds. However, such a force has a price. But in order for Isabelle to use her magic, she spends energy and pays her own blood.

In general, the game turned out to be very successful. Good graphics, great approach to completing assignments. Enemies are correctly placed on the map because of what you need to think through every step. It is interesting to interact with other objects on the map with the help of which you can increase the success of completing the mission. For example, in one task, a ranch has a horse, and if, at the moment of the bandit’s passage near the horse, a coin is thrown into the horse, it will hit the bandit’s hooves. This scenario looks very impressive.


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