World Of Tanks Steel Hunter 2020 Arlequin game review and tactics Guide

In World Of Tanks, developers sometimes release in-game events with unique special game modes. And one of these modes is “Steel Hunter 2020”. Players have the opportunity to fight on rare and special tanks that are intended only for the “Steel Hunter 2020” mode. The uniqueness is not only the tanks, but the gameplay itself.

In the game event “Steel Hunter 2020” players can fight other players. And in the process of a game battle, pump your war horse, that is, a tank. To upgrade modules for a tank, you need to collect supplies dropped from a cargo plane or supplies located in different parts of the map on the territory. And also inflict damage on opponents and collect trophies from them.

Each tank from the presented tanks has its own special qualities and advantages on the battlefield. At the same time, the type of tank, or rather its nationality, affects the style of the game. The important moments in the victory are the pumped modules, from which the tactics of fighting can change. To hold out and get into the top three fighters, you will have to study the strengths and weaknesses of the available tanks.

About the features of the French tank Arlequin.

The French Arlequin tank in “Steel Hunter 2020” is a light and medium scout. First appeared on the open spaces of World Of Tanks from the game event “Steel Hunter 2020”. Among other available tanks, it has the lowest silhouette and is not intended for hard frontal resistance with other enemy tanks.


  • Low indicators of armor and durability.

Which has practically no armor, since it can be pierced anywhere. For all the performance in the game, this tank did not encounter any ricochets or blocking damage. The tank is weak in terms of armor at all development levels. The tank also has few health points.

  • Medium armament.

Not a lot of one-time damage and not enough penetration at the initial stage of development, in comparison with the existing shortcomings in terms of durability. By the way, the penetration rates among the Steel Hunter 2020 tanks are not the lowest.

French tank Arlequin can penetrate enemy tanks if at the initial stage opponents are from the middle class. Moreover, in most cases, penetration occurs in the side and stern.


  • Special abilities.

Good special abilities “Air Strike” and “Brander”, which are capable of causing quite a few problems to opponents. Here are just a small amount available and not enough to complete all tasks.

  • Excellent speed and maneuverability.

The tank quickly picks up speed and smoothly enters corners. Due to this, you can quickly leave the danger zone and get out of the battle with a dangerous enemy. Also, speed allows you to quickly move around the territory and makes it possible to collect supplies in a short time. As a result, the tank can be quickly upgraded.

  • Low silhouette.

Thanks to this, enemy tanks from a long distance often miss and miss. And it is easy to drive through narrow openings and places, at the initial level of development. In the future, the player will have to make a choice in which corps to continue development. Since the tank can get bigger and lower mobility priorities.

The tactics of playing the French Arlequin tank.

Considering the characteristics of the tank, at the beginning of the game it is better to keep a distance from enemy tanks. You just need to drive around the territory and collect available “Supplies” of any type. The more supplies you collect before facing the enemy, the better.

  • Comfortable territory Arlequin.

In this case, the main place of movement of Arlequin is an open area with reliefs. So you can quickly move without losing speed and control areas of the territory. But in urban areas it can be difficult. On the one hand, the tank has good mobility and can easily enter turns, on the other hand, it is difficult to escape from an ambush. And also gain the required speed to hide from the enemy’s line of sight.

Sometimes in open areas there is a large number of supplies that are located close to each other. Such places are rare and if you encounter an Arlequin without enemy tanks, then this is real luck. Since it can be pumped to a high level in a short period.

  • About the confrontation in close combat of the Arlequin tank.

In close combat with Arlequin, almost all tanks in Steel Hunter 2020 can be disassembled, depending on the skill of the player and the available special reserves of the sides. Arlequin its reserves are also better to save and use towards the end of the battle.

At the end of the game, you still have to face the enemy in close combat, since the area of ​​action will become limited. In this case, the player’s experience plays a very important role, and the chances of becoming a leader are rather small. In general, the Arlequin tank at the end of the game can safely be the owner of the second place.

Arlequin’s main battle strategy at the end of the battle, when there is only one enemy left, is to twist him and spend reserves. And for this there is all the necessary mobility, weapons for the enemy’s weak points and the “Air Strike” with the “Firebrand”. If there are no reserves left by the end of the battle, then you can definitely count on second place.

At the same time, it is important to note that victory in close combat can not only come from the skill of the player. But also on how the enemy tank is pumped. For example, the “German tank Valkyrie” can also be maneuverable and is quite capable of catching up with the prankster Arlequin. If the player in addition will use an ability that increases speed. It may seem strange, of course, but a heavy tank can temporarily acquire the capabilities of a light tank.


In its manner of playing, Arlequin is a tank – a prankster, and when compared with an animal, it looks more like a bird of prey. Who quickly finds his goal and decides to get it. If the maneuver or plan works, then he eats a tasty supply and can grow. The tactics of the work are approximately similar, saw, appreciated, bitten and ran away.