Northgard Horse Clan or Swadhilfari Horses review and game tips

The people of the “Horse Clan” are famous for the best artisans and blacksmiths. This peaceful clan is led by two heroes, a brother and a sister. The brother’s name is Brock, and his sister Entarius. This is one of not many clans where two heroes can coexist in peace and harmony, in whom the rule in a pair is only better and more productive.

Bonuses “Clan Horse”.

  • Heroes are called up directly to the “Forge”, while the iron on their call is not spent.
  • Two heroes can work in the Forge and get resources.
  • “Villagers” can build and rebuild buildings faster by 30%.

Clan fines:

  • There is no way to build Mines and hire Miners.

Bonuses for “Glory”:

  • Craftsmen. (200 points of “Glory”).

If the “Workers” have improved tools, then their production increases by + 5%. On Trade Routes, selling Stone and Iron brings more Gold by + 20%.

Not the best improvement for achieving “Glory.” Since the resources of “Stone” and “Iron” are very rare and sometimes not enough for all needs. In most cases, these resources have to be bought at the Market, rather than sold.

  • Legacy of the Earth. (You need 500 points of “Glory”).

On the territory there can be 2 “Stones” and 2 “Iron”. It also makes it possible to build 2 “Relics”, and not one. But you can build only one “Relic” in one territory.

As shown by the practice of territories with deposits of resources “Stone” and “Iron” is the same amount as other clans. The ability to find deposits with an increased amount of resources is extremely rare. They appear directly on the territory where similar deposits of resources were already located.

But in “Clan Relics” most other clans can build only one thing. And the construction of the second “Relics” can give good priorities. That’s just to forge it, you need to use the heroes. And in some cases they may be needed in other parts of the map. For example, to hold the defense or collect resources.

Clan “Relic”.

The clan “Relic” is called “Deinsleif and Turfing.”

To make it possible to build this “Relic” it must first be explored in the Forge. After construction gives bonuses to clan heroes.

Heroes gain + 20% to attack, defense and health. And they also increase resource extraction by + 20%. As a result, the characters, albeit not by much, but become stronger. And the sooner it is possible to build this relic the better.

That’s just to quickly build it will not work. On the one hand, the Forge itself needs to be built and resources accumulated. On the other hand, we need workers who can work in this “Forge”. And only heroes can work in it, which still need to be hired by setting up the extraction of Gold. And even when one hero is in the ranks, it is necessary to increase the territory and establish the production of resources.

Clan Traditions.

  • Metallurgy.

After the improvement, the heroes can extract resources + 60% faster, as well as being in the “Forge” forge improvements faster + 60%.

  • The Great Tower.

After improvement, it gives bonuses to the Defense Tower. Which gets another improvement. As a result, the Defense Tower can be improved twice. And the second improvement gives + 50% attack power and defense.

Among other clans, the “Horse Clan” is the only one who possesses powerful “Defense Towers”. Other clans can upgrade a tower only once.

  • Mining operations.

In the process of extraction of resources by the heroes, they receive an additional bonus to the production of “Giving”, which increases by 4 units.

  • The influence of ancestors.

Built “Relic” or with a future building, does not require a place for construction. In places where the “Relic” is installed, production increases by + 5%.

  • The quality of life.

Buildings begin to produce Happiness by 1 unit per building. But on condition that the building is improved. Building “House” does not increase the growth of happiness.

Clan heroes.

The “Horse Clan” or “Horses” is one of not many clans that have two heroes “Eitaria” and “Brock” at their disposal. But unlike other clans, these heroes are like “Workers”. Instead of the main mission to fight and defend the land, they obtain resources and improve tools in the “Forge”.

Both heroes can be hired in the Forge for 150 units of Gold per hero.

Due to the fact that the heroes play the role of “Workers”, and the clan has no opportunity to hire the Pitmen and build the Mines. Playing with them is a little difficult and you have to make decisions in which areas to send heroes. Discover new lands, extract resources or work in the Forge improving tools. And in case of enemy attacks on the land, quickly send to the defense and cancel all current affairs.

Conclusion on the “Horse Clan”.

Perhaps this is the only clan whose priorities and resource bonuses are focused on the extraction of “Stone” and “Iron”. That’s just significant priorities are not very noticeable. Since the extraction of the resource “Stone” and “Iron” can only deal with clan heroes. And to increase the additional growth will not work.

In the case of other clans, the extraction of these resources can be increased by building additional “Mines”. And the production of the same “Stone” can significantly accelerate. And the heroes themselves to engage in other areas and goals.

Bonuses to the growth of “Food”, “Tree” and “Gold” can be increased by 5% if you gain 200 points of “Glory”, but only if their tools are improved in the “Forge”. And the improvement in the “Giving” “The influence of the ancestors”, which can increase production by + 5%, if a “Relic” is built on this territory.

As a result, “Workers” can be pumped up to 10% and this is without improving the “Tools” in the “Forge”. And then not immediately and not in all territories. And this already makes the clan slow in terms of development and not very stable in the winter. It is difficult to develop a clan, as well as maintain its combat ability.

In order to develop the Clan of the Horse more or less normally, it is necessary, if possible, to build immediately to build the Dakkarov Marina and send the Mariners on a hike. And to maintain and further normal development, it is better to build 2-3 Rynok buildings. Thus provide all the necessary resources in a short period of time. And the “Gold” sprout from the workers in the “Market” will definitely not be superfluous.

The main strengths of the Horse Clan are:

  • His defense.

The Defense Tower, with two upgrades, holds back the enemy offensive well. But again, not infinite time, but to help. At the same time, its construction again needs the resources that the heroes extract. So many of these improved towers are difficult to build. You need to immediately choose a key place from where the enemy attack can go.

  • Heroes.

Two heroes, although multifunctional “Workers”, nevertheless give an advantage in attacking moments. And their main task is to take the main blow on themselves, and the main army plays the role of support and cover.

  • Two “Relics”.

After the construction of the main clan “Relics” is recommended to build another “Relic”, which is called “Melnir”.

“Relic” “Melnir” can inflict lightning damage on the territory for a month. A summoned thunderstorm deals damage to both creatures and buildings.

Good Clan Horse competitors.

And if there is an enemy “Bull Clan” on the island, then this tower most likely will not save. Their clan hero Torfin is able to tear down the Tower of Defense with the help of his skill in one hit. Fortunately, for some reason the computer does not always use this ability of the hero. And he attacks when he scored a normal army and at least somehow is sure of minimal losses.

A good adversary is the Snake Clan. Having made it possible for the protagonist of Signy to develop and come of age, one may find himself in a difficult situation from their raids on the territory. It can move through neutral territory without engaging in battle. And defending territories without improved Defense Towers is difficult. Even two heroes can hardly cope with it.

With other clans that have the ability to launch attacks from the sea, you will have to fork out for coastal fortifications. And completely improve the “Defense Towers”, and this again is an additional cost.