Bright Memory Infinite about the heroine Shelia and the mysterious heavenly island

Bright Memory Infinite is one of the few games where one person from China worked on the initial development. His studio is called FYQD-Studio, and they plan to release the game in 2021. But now this game can compete with such counterparts as the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and Dark Souls. The game is currently made in the genre of action with elements of a shooter.

About the plot.

Players will have the opportunity to control a girl with super abilities. Her name is Shelia, who is an employee of one of the scientific organizations on supernatural abilities. The main tasks of research before this organization is to decipher ancient relics that are able to raise the dead. They have to solve the mystery of the swords of Kansa and Bakuy, in which are the soul and strength of Jiu Xiang.

Once upon a time, terrorists attack the research center and learn about the mysterious forces imprisoned in relics. Their goal of penetrating the base was the desire to master the value of the scientific center. At that moment, an employee of Shelia, who, in an attempt to stop the terrorists, accidentally activated the transporter in which these relics were located, was at the base.

After the relics were activated, everyone who was in this scientific center was transferred to the island in the sky. Which is located near the North Pole and has not been discovered by humans for 1000 years. Activated relics along with the island revived all the creatures that lived on it once. Living beings who have been sleeping for about 1000 years are not very happy about their awakening.

About the gameplay.

Our heroine Shelia has excellent command of small-arms ranged weapons, such as a shotgun and an assault rifle. Amazingly, the ammunition is almost endless. But these weapons cannot be dealt with with all enemies and her abilities come to the rescue. And probably one of the most effective weapons is her energy sword.

All abilities after activation have a cooldown. And of the currently available ones, it is known about the “powerful wave” that throws enemies into the air. You can “slow down time” and make fast attacking enemy fighters less dangerous. A lightning strike is available that does decent damage.

In addition to activated abilities, passive skills are also present in the game. Which make our heroine Shelia fast and agile. At the same time, all improvements can be purchased for points received in battles from defeated enemies.

The process of moving and overcoming obstacles is more reminiscent of the Jedi from the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. In some places you need to use a hook to catch on the surface and fly on a rope to another passage. The same actions can be used to interact with objects to open new passageways. In the Jedi, a small assistant robot was used for interactions.

But the enemy fighters are somewhat reminiscent of those in the game Dark Souls. There are many of them and many of their species prefer melee attacks. And even the process of battle and attack is very much reminiscent of those enemies that are present in the game Dark Souls. And there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of developers are inspired by the work of their colleagues and are trying to do better.


For a game that one person made is very worthy. The game impresses with a well-drawn picture and thoughtful abilities of the hero. And when small crowds of enemies attack, the game keeps you in suspense. The pleasure of throwing enemies into the air and slowing down time. It is possible a game to release can improve and add new elements.