About the jokes from the developers of the game They Are Billions or the fight against piracy.

The game is made in the best quality of a kind of genre of RTS survival strategies. On the Internet there are a lot of discussions on this game and the main discussions, as well as probably other games, are mistakes. But as some publications claim, the so-called mistakes are a kind of humor from the developers.

So, for many who played this game they write that they have zombies in the very center of the map near the base. Others on this occasion say that these zombies go out of their tent where the population lives. Now imagine these hard workers of people who spend hours on a mission and now once a zombie is out of nowhere and the mission has to start from the beginning.

Another joke from the developers, according to those discussing these issues on the forums. This is the disappearance of pumped research points. Which were reset after passing several missions and as a result put further passage to a standstill, since without some improvements it is either difficult or impossible to get through. For example, in some missions without soldiers it’s extremely difficult to restrain the horde. But getting a “soldier” settler means spending these same improvement points. Improvement points by the way, you can get through those very missions.

Well, or let’s say the game has conditions for completing a mission with a population. And food cards are limited, for this we need houses that can accommodate and issue great opportunities. But these homes must also be pumped. And without them, recruiting a large number of settlers will be difficult or simply impossible, as there is not enough space.

In Steam reviews, you could meet objections from players about the complexity of the game. Many players simply did not know that the complexity of the game can be changed at any given time. However, the developers solved this problem by changing the default difficulty level of Challenging to a lighter one. And in some tasks where there is a time limit for execution, they began to give more time.