Driftland The Magic Revival update with a new Nomad race

Developers from Star Drifters Studios released a new update on June 25, 2020. Which included a new race with its history and features. And they changed the start of the game for new players.

About the description of the game.

For those who don’t know, Driftland is a unique strategy where the gameplay takes place on individual flying islands. After the colonization of the flying island, you can attach it to the main territory. And thus continue to develop their state, gaining new territories for the construction of buildings.

The main attention of the player is aimed at connecting the new islands and the economic part. The resources in the game can be balanced in a special window, without interacting with the market.

And from the warhead, there are fighters where they need to indicate certain meta to move. At the same time, an action to indicate a goal expends a certain amount of resources. In the future, the fighters move and fight on their own. The player can use magic to help his soldiers in victory.

As a result, the player appears in the role of God in controlling one of several races or sides. There were three races before this update, and another update was added in this update. At the same time, the process of managing the new race “Nomads” has changed somewhat.

About the new race.

The new race is called “Nomads.” Once they were supplanted by the rulers of magicians, who considered the nomads barbarians. While an attempt to restore balance led to the destruction of the planet. Nomads have to fight to protect their values ​​and survive.

Among the available races and parties, nomads are the only ones who do not have a ruler. All of their fighters are controlled directly as in the classic RTS strategy. At the same time, nomads have their own developmental class of fighting classes.

Unlike other races among nomads, the development process is not strongly tied to economic moments. And there was an opportunity to directly interact with the fighters.

About other changes.

In addition to introducing a new game process and a new race, the developers have changed the process of familiarization with the game for beginners. There used to be two types of training with different knowledge of the game. One of the training took place in a shootout mode, and the other in a campaign mode.

According to the research of the developers, the players passed only one training out of two. They decided to fix this problem and finalized making new changes. Now players can familiarize themselves with game mechanics in one not big training.