American heavy tank M6 creation history and review

The American M6 heavy tank is one of the options for a heavy tank. Developed in the United States since May 1940, the machine was characterized by a molded case and a hydromechanical transmission with a double-disc torque converter. The tank was standardized on May 26, 1942. In total, 9 tanks were produced (8 serial and 1 experimental). I did not take part in hostilities.

A heavy tank, designed since 1940 according to tactical technical requirements developed by the Department of armaments. From November 1942 to February 1944 at the Baldwin factory.

The American M6 heavy tank has a cast hull. Armed with 76 and 37 mm guns in a rotating cast turret. 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun in a special installation in the rear of the tower. Coursework 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns in a single armor mask in the front of the hull. Commander’s turret with a 7.62 mm machine gun. Equipped with hydromechanical transmission. Made about 8 units.

When the United States entered World War II, they were puzzled by the launch of a heavy tank in a series. In addition, the Germans appeared tanks armed with 75-mm guns. And American tanks were armed with a 37 mm. Competition to German tanks was practically not. As a result, May 20, 1940. the commander of the ground forces authorized work on a heavy tank weighing about 50 tons. One of the main problems was the creation of a tank weighing about 50 tons. We were looking for a solution to install a suitable engine. After a series of tests, we settled on the 960-horsepower Wright G200 M781C9GC1 air-cooled engine with hydromechanical transmission. Serial vehicles have an 800 hp engine.

On September 16, 1943, tests of the American M6 heavy tank began at Fort Knox, and on March 9, the M6A1. Testing works lasted until April 26, 1942. In the first tanks there were no such modifications in the design. There were problems with the telescopic sight, which was close to the gun, that the gunner could look into him only with his left eye. The armament of the M6 ​​was weak, the twin 37 mm gun was not effective. The situation was corrected by installing a cannon in the 90mm Gun M3 tank and a more spacious M6D2 turret.

M6 tanks were not involved in the fighting. Used for educational purposes. And also as experienced ones, for working out units and assemblies. In July 1944, a new turret with a 105 mm cannon was installed on one of the M6A2 tanks (according to other sources – 120 mm). It was planned to redo 15 tanks in this way and send them to Europe, but these plans did not materialize.

In the online game world of tanks, the American M6 heavy tank is on the sixth level. It has a good combination of vertical aiming angles, accuracy of firing on the move and high rate of fire, which allows it to simultaneously successfully maneuver and fire.

M6 is not very good at fighting alone, he is more suitable for the role of supporting allies. The tank interacts well with more armored allies, covering them from enemy medium and light tanks. As well as assisting in meeting with heavy tanks. It is necessary to try to inflict tangible damage on them, damaging the modules and the crew, knock down the tracks. This increases the chances of allied tanks to destroy the enemy and survive.

For such a massive tank, the M6 ​​has good mobility, which should be used when running from cover to cover or when changing flanks. If the tank is in the top, then due to all the above-mentioned qualities, it can cover open flanks and for a long time alone deter the attack of the enemy attacking forces.