American medium tank M2 Medium Tank

American medium tank M2 Medium Tank is the only medium tank adopted by the US Army during the war period. He was armed with a 37-mm cannon and six 7.62-mm machine guns, four of which were mounted in mobile installations to provide a circular attack, and two fixed machine guns – in the front hull. Contrary to weak combat characteristics, at the time of its creation, the M2A1 entered the history of American tank building as technologically adapted to high-volume production. In 1940, 94 cars were produced.

Medium M2 tanks did not take part in the hostilities and were used as training until the end of 1942. On the basis of the tank was built several experimental and experimental machines, one of which – T9 – was adopted as an artillery tractor M4 and was produced until 1945.

American medium tank M2 Medium Tank – the first version with riveted welded hull. The combat weight is 17.252 tons, the maximum thickness of armor is 25 mm, the Continental engine has a capacity of 350 liters. Armament: 37 mm cannon in a multi-faceted conical turret and 8 Browning M1919A4 machine guns. Crew 6 people. Manufactured 52 units.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the American medium tank M2 Medium Tank is at level 3. In this tank there is nothing unusual, it can be called transitional.

From the weapons you can install one of the 3 guns 37 mm Gun M5, 37 mm Gun M6 or 75 mm Howitzer M3. Our choice was a 37 mm Gun M6 cannon that pierces 56 mm armor with a basic projectile and inflicts one-time damage of 40 units.

American medium tank M2 Medium Tank reaches a maximum speed of 43 kilometers per hour. With such a speed, you can comfortably move around the battlefield, but you can’t quickly change the flank, if enemy tanks are rapidly pushing defenses.