Last Oasis Obsidian Hyde Resource Mining Tips

The game Last Oasis is very rich in available resources, which in some cases are difficult to obtain. And one of the reasons for the difficulty is the knowledge of their location and the lack of the necessary tool.

Many players are faced with questions, how to get Obsidian and where is it located? It is important to understand that Obsidian is a rock that is obtained by their magma after rapid cooling.

About the Hose Station.

For the production of Obsidian in Last Oasis, a special Hose Station machine is required. It is needed to quickly cool the lava with water. It is mounted on a walker and allows pouring water under pressure. It can also be used as a weapon to repel the enemy with water.

To create a “Hose Station” you must first conduct a study in the “Technology Tree”. Which will cost about 3 units of “Tables”.

After the research is done, you can begin to collect resources or start manufacturing. And this will require 134 units of “Tree”, 38 units of “Stone”, 80 units of “Fiber”, 40 units of “Purified Water”, 6 units of “Beeswax” and “Pitcher for water”.

So that the desired production actions are carried out. You need to drive to a lava field at a close distance. After that climb into the machine and direct a stream of water to the lava. After contact with water, the lava cools and turns into solid rock.

About the mining of obsidian.

The location “Obsidian” is located in locations where there is volcanic rock. And not large craters from which lava flows.

It is necessary to direct a stream of water from the “Hose Station” to the lava itself and then the lava will begin to take on a solid appearance. This is Obsidian, which can then be mined using the Pickaxe tool.

After solidification of the lava, you need to go down from the walker. And stand on solid rock, collecting the nearest hardened lava “Pickaxe”. After collecting solid material, it disappears and lava appears again in its place.

For a faster mining process, you need to play with a friend. One is watering the lava from the Hose Station, and the other is collecting this resource.

Little secret.

Thanks to Obsidian, you can make good money at the Trading Station. For 1 unit it is bought at about 100-140 gold. Among other materials, this is a pretty decent price. But among the players, he is not particularly in demand and not many nomads get it. Probably because they do not know its real value in the game.