Warhammer Chaosbane This is a great action game – RPG for 2019.

Warhammer Chaosbane is a great action game – RPG developed by Eko Software. Released game June 4, 2019. The developers decided to recall the old days when the best game in the RPG genre with elements of magic was the game Diablo. And how would this direction be resurrected in the world of Warhammer. The game is very much like the famous Diablo game, from the very mechanics of the game to the characters. The characters themselves are of course different in appearance, but their abilities are in some cases similar.

The events of Warhammer Chaosbane unfold during the reign of Emperor Magnus a couple of hundred years before the aforementioned doomsday. Magnus had to face a particularly large invasion of the northerners – chaos: at first the invaders captured Kislev, a local analogue of medieval Russia, and then came close to the industrial city of Nuln, the capital of the empire of those times. The invasion was stopped, but at the last moment a mysterious wizard was transferred to the throne room and paralyzed the emperor with the help of dark magic. The main character, who fought in the army of Magnus, must do away with the servants of Chaos, who settled in Nulna, and find a way to save the sovereign.

The game features four characters, the magician of the high elves, the forest elf-ranger, the soldiers of the Empire and the dwarf killer. These four characters in the game differ significantly from each other in their abilities, tactics of the game, combat equipment, and appearance.

The soldier of the Empire Konrad Vollen is like a tank that perfectly repels enemy attacks in melee, he can block attacks with his shield, while a separate key is responsible for this action and the player activates himself and decides when he should hide behind the shield. Arms are different swords, shields, two-handed weapons, armor, helmets. An empire soldier can break through a crowd of enemies by blocking attacks and at the same time cause significant damage. The special skills of the character in the case of the environment on all sides allow you to repel the attacks and continue the game.

The magician of the elves Elontir, like most magicians from different games of similar genres, can control different elements. To control a thunder-storm, air, fire, to cause a fireball, to let out a ball which can be operated. Also, the magician may disappear in the case of a dense onslaught of monsters and appear in another place, not far from the place of disappearance, for the continuation of hostilities. The action of the movement is caused by the player himself. The main weapon in the hands of the magician is the staff. A unique feature in the management of a magician is the manual control of spells, unlike other games.

Forest Elf Pathfinder Elessa is equipped with a bow with druid skills. Understandably, the main tactic is long-range combat. In the case of approaching enemies can use the ability to move to another place, tumbling along the ground. Can use puts that temporarily slow down enemies, summon land guards, summon a storm of arrows, and other spells related to nature. She is also accompanied by a fairy, clicking on which manna is restored.

Dwarf killer is a warrior melee, unlike the tank most likely has less protection, but more damage. Can be armed with two axes. It can use a jump with a blow of axes on the ground, a dance with axes (spinning on the spot swinging axes), throw axes around a radius, make a throw (quickly move causing damage to enemies) and other abilities.

Pumping characters and opening abilities does not allow to open at once all directions and existing abilities of the characters. So the player will have to think and choose what is closer to him in spirit and manner of the game. Skills or abilities can be pumped by exchanging them for points that the hero gets during battles with increasing levels. Suppose a character level 15 and he can have 38 skill points. These 38 points and can be spent on opening abilities. One ability is worth 10 points. But there is a pleasant moment, the player in the process of the game can remove some ability, while the points are returned and these same points can be spent on opening another ability.

Also in Warhammer Chaosbane, the characters have passive skills that can be obtained from merchants, selling the wrong equipment. Passive skills give the amount of experience gained or an increase in the speed of movement.

The game Warhammer Chaosbane is a cooperative mode. The game can be played along with a friend, that is, you can simultaneously select two characters of different classes.