Broken Lines about WWII in the style of tactical battles

Again for weapons, friends! This time we are again sent to go through the history of the Second World War. The developer of the game, PortaPlay Studio, sends us to Eastern Europe and instructs us to lead the command over 8 foot soldiers. The game was released on February 25, 2020. The game Broken Lines is made in the genre of tactical strategy, where you need to control 8 characters. It is important to note that the game has a non-linear plot.

About the plot.

When the command entrusted a very important task, the detachment went to the execution area. But a successful landing did not happen, the plane was shot down. Several combat paratroopers were able to survive and gather in place and continued to carry out their tasks.

The player acts as the commander of this unit, while you can control any of the available soldiers. Each soldier has his own character, which is changing. In addition to their different character, they are also distinguished by specialization.

Enemy soldiers dressed in special equipment and gas masks are encountered on our way to our soldiers. And in the circle is not clear fog that spoils the health of soldiers and all living things. But despite these difficulties, they manage to find the right path and get to civilians. One of them is getting in touch and cooperation. He needs to carry the trophy in exchange for equipment and supplies.

After completing one task, the following appears, and every day the player will have to make a choice between tasks. Among several tasks, you need to decide in which direction to continue the passage.

About the gameplay.

The game is representative of the tactical genre of strategies. And in this game, you can take advantage of the active pause in this pause and plan your tactical actions. Also during this pause, team moments and orders are issued to each fighter. And then enjoy the ordered results. The active phase of action lasts about 8 seconds.

To defeat the enemy you need to use all sorts of tactics, such as fire to suppress and approach the enemy from the flank. The use of sniper skills, smoke screens, so that it would be safe to overcome protected places by enemies. More than once you have to change the position of the fighters, crawl your way through or take a sitting position.

About the characters.

  • Raymond “Ray” Avery.

Originally from Scotland in the city of Glasgow.

In the team, he is quick-tempered and it is difficult to have a normal dialogue with him. May accidentally offend a friend. In combat, he is able to make decisions, but the results of decisions take him by surprise.

  • Rosie Conner.

A native of England, was born in the city of Southampton.

Conner does not have a very good past, about which she hides and does not want to discuss and tell him in any way. In superior owns a rifle. With the members of the detachment, she keeps her distance, but in friendly relations with the nurse Brenda.

  • Ernest Fry.

Born in England in the city of Oxford.

He is the youngest in the team, but at the same time owns a medical specialty. In the team, the remaining fighters consider him a hypocrite. Our dear Ernest Fry also does not like to take risks.

  • Brenda Haley.

Born in Northern Ireland in the city of Belfast.

By specialization is a nurse, but armed with weapons. Likes to make fun of Fry. In fact, an excellent field medic.

  • Andrew King.

Born in England in the city of Birmingham.

Among the team has a good physique. Good in hand-to-hand combat. In the relationship between other members of the team sometimes goes beyond the boundaries of what is permitted.

  • Steve Sherman.

Born in England in the city of London.

He is a radio operator by specialization because he loves electronics. The team tries to avoid conflicting moments and treats them with justice.

  • William “Bill” Morgan.

Born in England in the city of Manchester.

In the team, he has leadership qualities that are combined with extensive combat experience. Having entered military service, he lost his best days, but because of his obstinacy, weakness does not appear. When confronted with an enemy, it exhibits excellent combat qualities and the ability of accurate shots.

  • Eliot Wood.

Born in England in the city of Brighton.

Among other members of the team, he is considered the worst. But at the same time nimble, able to quickly move around the battlefield.

In general, the game turned out very well, a colorful picture and a lot of random moments. Which, as it were, hinted at the fact that the game can be played more than once with a view to a different ending to the plot.