Total War Troy review of the game about the historical battles of the Trojans and new details

Total War Troy is a game based on historical events and myths, where you can watch large-scale battles with historical heroes. At the same time, it combines elements of strategy and action.

The game is being developed by developers from the Creative Assembly studio, who plan to release the game in steam around 2021. And in the Epic Games Store should appear around August 13, 2020. The most interesting thing is that you can purchase it for free within 24 hours on August 13, 2020. And how many users will be available is not known.

When developing the game, developers took inspiration from various sources, where there was information regarding the history of the Iliad. And key events are based on the Trojan War. The developers tried to recreate the approximate reality of that time and let the players see the events from two sides, the Greek and the Trojan.

Players can choose one of 8 sides each with their own famous heroes. Then take part in the time period of the Trojan War. By controlling the main character, you can use his abilities, as well as challenge the enemy hero to a duel.

At the same time, following the plot, players can write their own legend. And for this, in the hands of the players are such tools as strategy, diplomacy and military operations. With a competent combination of tools, you can build your own empire.

Faith in God and worship of gods in the game Total War Troy is at a high level. The developers decided to introduce these points and give players an understanding of how much faith in God was valued in those days. This reflects the gameplay very well and saturates the game atmosphere with moments of reality.

At the moment, it is known about 7 gods, such gods as Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares, Poseidon and Athena. These gods can give a tactical advantage in battle and mythical creatures.

About mythical creatures in the game Total War Troy.

According to the developers in one interview, there will be mythological creatures in the game. Such as the minotaur, centaur, cyclops and others. Ate a battle, they will have a good supply of health and decent weapons that deal good damage.

Mythical creatures can be obtained if you deserve this type of warrior from the gods. Summoned creatures are the only ones in the squad and one soldier each. According to other sources, some creatures can be attached to units, but this information is not accurate and is an assumption.

On the side of the Trojans, the Minotaur fights. And for the Oseytsev “Centaurs” can fight.

About the resources of Total War Troy.

The game provides strategic moments where resources have an important role. On the one hand, with the help of resources, diplomatic relations can be established. And on the other hand, the desire to get the right types of resources encourages the player to make decisions for hostilities.

In total, the game will have about five types of resources. Such as gold, stone, wood, food and skins.

For example, to equip the army with powerful fighters, good reserves of resources are needed. And even if the player has enough gold and bronze, he will still need to establish food supplies. The other side may have problems with other resources.

Wood stocks allow you to hire fighters armed with weapons, where wood is used in production. And if this type of resource is not properly set up, it will not work to assemble a large army of this type.

Each faction has its own valuable resources, with which they are rich in priority. At the same time, there is a shortage of another resource. As a result, strategic moments in the game have a very important role in which you need to think through important tactical moments.

The better developed the state, the more fighters can be hired. And more powerful in level and equipment.

And not always brute force will make sense to obtain a strategic resource. New enemies can have far greater consequences than trying to take over new resources. And working diplomatically, it may turn out that the resources received are not very profitable.

About the army of Total War Troy.

On the battlefield, players can take part in numerous battles. And in one battle there can be tens or even hundreds of fighters. At the same time, a small elite army may not be able to cope with an enemy army that attacks from different places and directions.

The game has several types of classes of fighters.

  • Light infantry.

This group includes archers, javelin throwers, and melee fighters. Which are able to move quickly and play the role of support. Such fighters have virtually no fines for moving around different locations. The main places of application are attacks from the flanks and the retreating enemy troops entering the battle.

The surrounding area can provide several benefits. For example, light infantry can be hidden in the grass and the enemy army will not be able to notice them.

  • Medium infantry.

These are swordsmen with shields. Stronger and more armored fighters than light infantry. Designed to protect support units, they can also be on the front rows of the front and hold the flanks.

  • Heavy infantry.

Presented as spearmen. Mostly their task is defense, since movement requires endurance and there are fines for crossing the terrain.

Fighters of different units can change their fighting style. For example, Mermidon spearmen can change the position of the shield by shifting it behind their backs. And the spear’s main weapon should be taken in both hands and thus become attacking fighters from the defensive.

  • Horse troops.

This group may include horse riders armed with melee weapons. And special horse troops “Chariots”, which can break through the speed of the building of the enemy infantry.

Penalties for moving around areas affect the same as heavy infantry. Only a decrease in stamina does not really affect the equestrian type of troops. The main influence of the landscape has on the speed of movement of the chariot squad. And dirt generally significantly reduces the speed of movement and loses the meaning of their application.

Chariots have the ability to attack enemy infantry units. And this “Onslaught” works well in hard ground, where the speed of movement of the squad is not significantly reduced. And when the speed of a low detachment loses its advantage.

  • Mythical fighters.

They move around the battlefield as heroes, in a single number and without a detachment. Each faction has its own unique fighters, which God gave them. Or they just deserve it. It is still not known exactly how the process of hiring mythical creatures takes place.

  • Heroes.

What would Total War Troy be without legendary heroes? These heroes are unique and belong to a certain fraction. In this case, the characters have their own characteristics and abilities inherent in their specialization.

About the impact of the environment on the fighters in the game Total War Troy.

Almost the entire battlefield is designed in such a way that it can impede the movement of fighters and their speed. For example, if heavy warriors are in areas where there is dirt, it is more difficult for them to move and their attacks are slower. While light infantry can move around such an area without fines and not lose their quality indicators.

During the battle, heavy infantry units are exhausted. Battles take place on a large section of the map, where the infantry needs to move to another flank. And at this time they will begin to experience exhaustion and fatigue, which reduces the level and parameter of protection. And it becomes easier to defeat them.

In terms of light armored infantry, the process is a bit different. Their stamina is at a good level, and armor does not significantly reduce the speed of movement. Depletion when moving to certain distances is almost not noticeable. But, it is difficult for them to fight with heavy infantry, who have a reserve of stamina.