Ghost Recon Breakpoint Pro Real Ghost Update

A 24-merth 2020 update for the Ghost Recon Breakpoint game, codenamed “Real Ghost” by Ubisoft Paris. This game of the Ubisoft Paris company did not bring much benefit, but nevertheless they continue their project.

In the new update we are waiting for several modes of passing the usual game, deep immersion and your own style. In regular game mode, it includes difficulty levels and loot ranks. In deep dive mode, players begin without equipment levels and loot ranks. And in the mode of your style, players can customize their gameplay.

There is the possibility of choosing the complexity, which is divided into two categories and it is possible to configure them separately from each other. Enemies can customize their external perception and combat characteristics.

They improved the trophy system, it became possible to pick up weapons from the killed enemy, and equipment can be obtained in special boxes. You can choose which primary weapon you can take, one primary weapon or two primary weapons.

Improved reload mechanism. If there are any cartridges left in the holder, then if you reload, the remaining shells are lost.

The players were given the opportunity to customize the game as they wish, and the stamina setting of their fighter will significantly change the gameplay. And with these settings you can both complicate the game and simplify it.

The developers tried to add as much realism to the game as possible. Only the remaining cartridges in the cage, which will be thrown out together with the store are worth. And the endurance setting can really show the player the real battlefield.