Curse of the Dead Gods review of the new Serpent Catacombs add-on

The developers of the game Curse of the Dead Gods from the studio Passtech Games June 22, 2020 released a new full-fledged update. In which players can go on an adventure in the temple “Snake” and go through all three of its levels. At the same time, the external atmosphere of the temple is unique and filled with the corresponding dangers, in the form of poison.

The character has to go through the catacombs in which the rock is painted green. it is not surprising, since in these places creatures resistant to poison live. And sometimes there are snake heads that spit out a large amount of green liquid on the character. And maybe therefore the external color of the surface is green.

Piles of gold are scattered in almost every location, so you can get rich well. But it doesn’t lie in the simplest and most accessible place. You’ll have to run, jump and show maximum skill to get the desired gold coin.

About new traps.

To the new location of the temple, the developers have added several new traps. Which can cause problems to both parties. So the character needs to correctly use the available experience.

  • Snake head.

This is a trap that spits poison into the character along the radius of action. If the character is in the radius of its action, it can take poison damage. The snake head itself is not movable and can only spin in one place.

The turning radius is slow, so the character can easily run behind her head. But we did not try to use it against enemies. Harm this head does not cause damage to enemy fighters, unlike other traps.

  • Laser heads in the wall.

When approaching a character, they shoot at 4 projectiles. In our case, one beam did about 50 points of damage. In places where there are no enemy fighters, they are practically useless and there are no problems from them. The character can safely jump with rifts and dodge attacks, without damage.

When there are enemy fighters on the battlefield, a trap can cause quite a bit of trouble. Since the fired shells fly quickly and hit not a large width of the area. You can use this and lure in the field the action of a trap of some enemy. This can happen if the player has experience.

  • Living creeper plants.

Their work action is similar to the snake head trap, as they are in one place. But the damaging attacks are much faster and cause decent damage. You can evade her attacks if you run without slowing down to jump with rifts.

Plant traps have neutral hostility. If an enemy fighter falls into the radius of her action, she will calmly strike at them. For one successful hit, it can take down 100 health.

  • Mushrooms with spikes.

Of all the traps listed, Mushrooms with Spikes are considered one of the most dangerous. Their radius of damage over the area and can cause damage even at a small distance from them. If you do not evade in time.

The attacks can be of two types, ordinary and fiery, and during the attack they shoot with spikes in different directions. They shoot ordinary spikes if the character comes close to them and hits with a weapon. Fire spikes appear if a character hits the mushroom with his torch.

In the room with enemy fighters, the “Spike Mushroom” trap can cause a huge amount of damage to everyone who falls into the attack field of the projectile. In some cases, this may be a better weapon against enemy fighters than fighting them yourself. this case, the trap can be destroyed.

  • Poisonous clouds.

These traps look like green fog. If you approach them with a torch, then they can give a reaction and produce an explosion. If there are enemy creatures in these clouds, they can also take damage during an explosion.

About new types of enemy creatures.

  • Servants of snakes.

This is a kind of ordinary soldier who is armed with two-handed weapons. It has a good melee range and deals about 100 damage.

At the second level of the temple, they have an additional standard attack. This is an opportunity to fire ranged weapons.

  • Plague-bearing.

“Plague Bearing” have the ability to summon creatures to attack with a magical attack over the area and invulnerability. When this type of fighter stands still, it has invulnerability and damage does not pass through them. In motion, immunity to damage is removed and at this time they can be safely attacked.

Since they are not attacking fighters. At the moment when they are in motion and the character is near damage, they will not inflict. But, they can produce attacking magic over the area. This magic works gradually and it is easy to evade it.

Plague Carriers may summon a creature on the battlefield. This creature is similar to a larva and has a slow speed of movement. So they are quietly destroyed with the help of long-range weapons. After destruction, these larvae explode and inflict damage in a small radius of their location. Enemy fighters can also take damage from an explosion.

  • Rodents.

Exactly the same creatures are summoned by the Plague-Bearing. Look like larvae. As mentioned above, before they die, they explode in a poisonous cloud. When they appear on the battlefield as drafted, they are not very dangerous. And when they appear in the location they are much more. In the event of an explosion, one can cause a chain reaction and the area of ​​damage can be significantly larger.

  • Seers.

Some of their most unpleasant ordinary soldiers. They can move a short distance and appear next to the character. Inflict two attacks at a time.

  • Thugs.

Dangerous for the character in that they can jump and cause damage. At the same time, the jump range is decent and it is not always possible to evade on time. When there are several of them and paired with other enemy fighters, then they bring a lot of problems.

  • Skull of the titans.

He has a good supply of health and decent offensive tricks. It can shoot guiding blades that fly at low speed. And at least one such attack hits the character.

The second attacking technique is elevation or jump on the character. By jumping, he receives not much damage immunity while in the air. A landing almost always deals damage and hits the character.

New enemy champions.

  • Witch.

The witch has a large supply of health and carries skulls. After an attack on it, the skulls fall out of the bag and are scattered across the territory. If you approach these skulls, they detonate and after a while explode.

The second ability of the “Witch” is moving to another part of the location. Then she begins to shoot with beams of energy in the form of skulls, in different directions. Dodging such an attack is difficult and one such projectile is quite possible to catch and take damage.

  • Creature on daggers.

Strength points are almost the same as the “Witches”. He is also a champion and has several strong attacking abilities. It can quickly move around the battlefield and melee attacks have a good distance.

Can shoot one arrow at a great distance. And use the “dance of blades”, waving his daggers in a circle. Of the available class fighters, the champion in the Temple of the Snake is considered the strongest due to the mobility and radius of attack.