The Waylanders About the time of the Celts and Gods in the genre of action RPG and tactics in real time.

The Waylanders is a Celtic time game where characters can travel in time and make decisions that can have dire consequences. From the decisions made and the choices made during the game, the ending may change. A game in the genre of action RPG with the possibility of tactical pause and planning, from the developer Gato Salvaje. They plan to release the game in 2020, but the exact date is not known.

The developers of the Waylanders game promise that the game will implement a unique process of tactical battles. And also the ability to customize the character for different classes. In total, the game will have 6 base classes and in addition 30 advanced classes. 5 races are also available for which you can play.

During the game, you can recruit teammates to your team that will accompany and help the hero in difficult situations. With each partner, you can start a dialogue and find out his past by completing a mission. Well, for even more interest in the game, you can have a relationship with your partners.

About the plot in the Waylanders.

Once the Celtic people lived in peace and harmony, but once they decided to meet with the gods of Tuat de Dnanaan. The meeting, which was supposed to bring prosperity to the earth, turned into a tragedy. Magical distortions fell on the earth, and a peaceful state fell apart on different sides fighting for the throne.

The entire Celtic territory is covered by creatures of different religions and cultures. Such as druids, werewolves, immortal people and various monsters. And a lot depends on our protagonist, who will have to make important decisions. And the decisions made and the choice can significantly change the story elsewhere.

One day, the protagonist discovers that he can move in time. And change the existing era, such as the time of the Celts and the medieval era. At the same time, being in a different time, the hero will understand how much everything looks different.

About the combat system.

Heroes can be controlled from a third party and switch between each member in the team. And with a tactical pause, the camera shifts to the top and an overview opens for planning actions. The camera can give a 360 degree view.

Each hero has his own unique ability, which allows you to become more powerful. But to use it requires team members. Which, as it were, are reunited into one whole and become one big hero.

Or you can use only part of the team to use the ability. For example, out of 5 characters make three. One accommodates three team members and has protective functions, while the other 2 perform attacking functions.

In this case, you can choose which characters to combine into a single whole, and which to leave as autonomous and independent combat units. For example, the “Healer” can be hidden behind the “Shield”, and the attacking characters left outside. And after the battle, use the abilities of the “Healer” and restore the wounded allied fighters.

In the game, you can also use battle formations on the battlefield, which increase the combat potential. For example, build a wedge in a rack and thus inflict even greater damage to the enemy. Characters who enter battle formations increase their characteristics and can inflict great damage to the enemy during an attack.

The developers have slightly simplified the game for players by introducing an active pause. In order to make it easier to deal with such difficulties and quickly respond to real-time events in real time. For example, if you met with enemy fighters, you can click Active Pause and give out combat missions to your characters. And after turning off the “Active Pause”, the characters independently execute the orders given to them.