Diablo 4 continuation of the legendary RPG which may be released around 2021

So ladies and gentlemen, Blizzard is preparing to release the game Diablo 4. The genre is still the same favorite RPG. The release date of the new part of the game is not called and may tentatively be released around 2021. The graphics in the game are expected to be quite decent. And in the process of passing locations, the weather and time of day can change.

A new game story unfolds a few decades after the events of Reaper of Souls. The main problem for our hero becomes Lilith, who is considered the mother of mankind. She is still the daughter of Mephisto, her father is a dangerous villain of the whole series.

3 wanderers of a barbarian and a druid discovered this story in search of gold. But behind the locked gate they met what they did not expect. They opened the gate to the temple where evil was locked, instead of the expected gold. Later became the keys to the resurrection of one of the main villains.

The developers promise a seamless and huge world with random generations of dungeons. One big world is divided into 5 large zones in which there are different creatures and nature. In this case, the player has choices in the direction of movement and the passage of the game. For example, a player may not continue the main chapter, but continue to complete additional tasks. And even go and deal with some random boss.

The game has 5 different classes of heroes that players can control. But at the moment, only 3 classes are known, this is a barbarian, druid and magician. And also a huge amount of equipment, while things in some cases are more useful than in the previous parts of the game.

The magician owns the elements of fire, cold and electricity strikes enemies with lightning. May turn into ball lightning and moving to inflict damage to enemies. Mana or energy to use abilities and spells accumulates itself over time.

The barbarian uses power attacks, rushes at enemies, use fire. For example, the Barbarian has the so-called mana or energy for special attacks, accumulates when he kills the enemy.

A druid can use nature spells, he effectively turns into a bear. And also a druid can move with draft wolves. Druid mana, or energy for special attacks, also accumulates when he kills an enemy.

Due to the large and open world, developers will introduce mounts into the game. With the help of them, characters will be able to move around locations faster. At the same time, special equipment is being developed for horses. Also, when passing some tasks, the help of other characters may be required. And the main character is not alone, but with partners.

An important feature of the new Diablo 4 game is that the player always needs to be online. That is, when you enter the game you need an Internet connection and only after that you can continue the game. This introduction system is needed to increase sales and revenue for developers, as well as protect the game from hacking and pirated versions. But after completing the main plot of the game, you can continue playing Diablo 4 even as in a regular online game. The developers also assured the moment that the player in the process of passing can be caught by other live players.

As in the online game, players can exchange valuable items, but how they will be evaluated is not yet known. And the joint passage of the nearest boss.