Homeworld 3 review of space strategy in three dimensions

Homeworld 3 is a real-time space strategy game where players can control their fleet of spaceships. The developer of the game is Blackbird Interactive studio, which plans to release the game in 2023. command of the space fleet is possible from many different classes and types of ships, and the fighting takes place in three-dimensional space.

The timeless style of Homeworld has been transformed with modern technology that gives the battles taking place an amazing scale: squadrons weave between bulky cruisers sailing against the backdrop of stars and nebulae, legendary ships cast shadows on the remnants of past civilizations, and blast waves pass through collapsing ships, marking the victory of one fleet over another.

About the plot of the game Homeworld 3.

100 years ago, Karana S’jet discovered a vast ancient network of hyperspace gates that opened up the entire galaxy to trade and exploration. A golden age began for her people. But the darkness known as the “anomaly” began to spread, engulfing both the gate and the planets. With hard-won peace and human prosperity threatened, Karana led a fleet into the anomaly to find answers. She never returned. Now, Karana’s successor Imogen S’jet is the only one with the key to unraveling the mysterious threat looming over the galaxy and its future.

About the gameplay in the game Homeworld 3.

The player can make any tactical decisions in the vastness of Homeworld 3. To help or as obstacles to defeat the enemy, there are giant abandoned ships. In the ruins of such ships, you can hide in order to launch a surprise attack or get away from the dense shelling of enemy attacks. That is, you will not have to fight in empty open space, among space debris from ancient planets and spaceships.

Going with your fighters behind enemy lines, you can stumble upon the trenches of the fortresses guarded by turrets. In this case, not only mechanical and enemy units can interfere with the passage of the game and the plot, but also anomalous space phenomena, such as proton storms or asteroid fields. Such obstacles will become serious obstacles for experienced commanders.

Go frontal, flank your enemies, or even attack them from above and below. Pay close attention to cover and line of fire as Homeworld 3 features full ballistics simulation. Each new mission will leave traces on the ships of your fleet, and its pilots and captains will exchange important tactical information.

The ability to play co-op in Homeworld 3.

Players can go through the story campaign in single player mode. But also a completely new multiplayer mode that combines the real-time strategy genre with roguelike elements. In it, one or two commanders will have to lead the fleet through a series of random combat tests in order to receive valuable rewards for each victory. Show a good result, and you will unlock incredible powers that will last in subsequent matches.

After completing the standard mode with battles of artificial intelligence, players can enter into battle with each other. Of course, it is advisable to first learn all the mechanics of the gameplay and get used to managing ships in three-dimensional space in order to give a good rebuff to other players.

Conclusion on the game Homeworld 3.

The game Homeworld 3 already at the development stage has attractive graphics in three-dimensional space. Many ships significantly diversify tactical actions and the combat process. Already now we can expect exciting battles with other players who will also pick up their fleet and use their special tactics in battle.