Conan Unconquered Building Review and RTS Strategy Walkthroughs

Conan Unconquered is a real-time RTS strategy with survival elements. You have to develop the base and repel the attacks of the enemy army. Almost all the time the mission takes the game keeps the player in suspense. In this case, the game is arranged by random generation of resources on the map.

Random generation was made for a change in the game, each time starting a new passage of a completed mission, the game seemed to start from the beginning. And the resources that were in the previous mission are already located elsewhere. And to make it easier for you to understand the game, we suggest you familiarize yourself with game tips on our website.

So at the very beginning of the game you need to organize the production of resources. And for this you need to explore the territory and choose the direction for the development of the base. It is better to start building construction from an area that is more fertile with initial key resources. As soon as a small area is opened and the direction of further development is chosen. It is necessary to build as many Shacks as possible, with all the means available. “Shacks” will give gold production and population. And then the “Hunting Huts” that produce food.

It is better to try to build “hunting huts” closer to fertile places. Near ponds and special places where you can install “Farms”.

At the start of the game, the key resources are gold, food, population (slaves), influence, and wood. The development of construction should begin with buildings that bring gold and food, as well as wood. To increase influence also towards fertile lands and, if possible, take control over the influence (leadership) and the resource stone.

To increase the influence (leadership), there is a structure “Battle Banner”. After its construction, the territory on which buildings can be erected increases, and it also gives leadership. Leadership makes it possible to build buildings, and if it is not enough, then the building will not work.

The first few waves, the main character can beat off alone. The enemy army does not attack in large numbers and is composed of ordinary ordinary soldiers. The main character can hit a soldier in one hit. Cavalry is more difficult, but by the time the cavalry arrives, walls should be erected around the perimeter to the mountains.

After the production of gold and food is established, and the influence has acceptable limits and quantities. A lumberjack camp should be built, which produces wood. Wood will open the possibility of erecting walls and will be the first acceptable resource in trade in the “market” for gold. After the start of the extraction of wood, it is necessary to begin to erect walls that will help to fight back without losses from raids by enemy waves. One “Logger Camp” may well be enough for the first few waves. But before the construction of the “Market”, the buildings of the “Lumberjack Camps” should be somewhat for the possibility of selling timber for gold.

“Logger camps” is better if possible immediately build where there is more growth of the tree. So you can speed up the process of tree extraction. And after this, the construction and construction of primary buildings will accelerate.

To heal the health of the hero and the troops, you can build a “Sanctuary.” This building can heal allied forces in its field of influence. In order to cure the wounded, you need to put him next to this “Sanctuary”.

And so the wood is mined in our storehouse. We build the walls in a circle base. Once the walls are built, you can begin the construction of the “Training Camp”. But hire an army of your choice. A few more waves the main character will be able to cope. And spend precious gold for other purposes. If you still decide to build an army, then it’s best to immediately hire a Dart Thrower. Almost all waves can be repelled by this type of detachment.

Once the necessary amount of production has been established, you can build a “Guild of artisans.”

1 . In the “Guild of artisans” you can explore different technologies that will help improve the development of the settlement and open up new opportunities. After the construction of this building is better to explore the “Economy”, which will open the possibility of building a “Market” and “Animal Farm”.

Continue building primary buildings whenever possible. This is the “Battle flag”, “Shacks”, “Hunting huts.”

  • After researching the “Economy”, it is better to immediately build a “Market” near the “Shack.”

This will allow you to trade surplus resources earlier, and therefore faster to develop the settlement. In addition, the location of the “Market” next to the “Shacks” will increase the income of the gold that the “Shacks” produce.

And now, when the “Market” is built, you can already think about hiring troops. To begin with, a couple of Dart Throwers will do. By the way, almost the entire game can be completed with this type of troops, but with good fortification with walls in several rows. The case will probably be in the quantity and strength of the troops. Better try to hire long-range troops.

  • To increase food and population by the next improvement in the Guild of Engineers, you need to research the “Catering Supply”.

After the study, the opportunity to build “Farms” and “Houses” will open up, as well as automatically improve the “Hunting Huts.” The “hunting huts” will only start to bring more food if they are set not far from the trees and the construction sites of the Farms.

The following studies in the Guild of Engineers depend on your decision and desire for development. We recommend the following research steps:

  • “Defense by small forces.”

Opens the opportunity to build “Braziers”, “Traps with stakes”, “Increases strength.” The “brazier” is mounted on the walls, and if there are rifle troops, then shots hit the enemy with fire.

  • “Training of engineers.”

Unlocks the possibility of building the Guild of Engineers, in which technology research can continue. It also opens up the possibility of building the Ballista Tower defensive structure. After research, you can build several pieces at your discretion.

  • “Training for scientists.”

You can investigate this improvement at your discretion. Since the buildings and opportunities that open up in this group require the production of rare resources. And buildings need upkeep with rare resources.

After the study, the opportunity opens to build a “Guild of Scientists.” In which there are studies relating to magic.

This stage of development was chosen on the basis that the “Training of Engineers” gives priority to defense and improving the economy and a new collection of resources. Without which it is difficult to continue the development of the settlement and its defense.

After the study “Training of engineers” we can build a “Guild of Engineers” in which you can continue the study of technology. You can discover the technologies in this building at your discretion and the prevailing situations.

  1. In the “Guild of Engineers” you can explore the following technologies:
  • “Advanced storage”.

It was investigated primarily after the construction of the Guild of Engineers. Since it increases strength and expands the storage of resources.

In the future, it is better to continue the improvement after you set up stone production. Since the buildings under construction require this resource. So, when the stone production is adjusted with a margin, you can continue to research.

  • “Stone fortifications.”

The study opens the “Heavy Walls”, “Heavy Gates”, “Stone Watchtower.” These buildings increase the protection of the settlement from enemy horde attacks.

  • “Muntra”.

Opens up new types of troops. “Archer”, “Spearman”. It also provides an improvement for the “Markitan Tent” and makes it possible to place the “Corpse Collector”, which removes dead soldiers from the battlefield and brings gold. This improvement can still save the spread of Pestilence.

  • “The fighting spirit of the army.”

Increases the morale of the army, and also after improving the “Corpse Collector” there is an opportunity to mine gold. To do this, you need to build a “Markitan Tent” close to the fighting behind the defenses. After the allied army defeats the attacking wave, the Markitan Tent begins to bring gold.

But as practice has shown, the content of the “Markitan Tent” is higher than the income it brings.

  • “Tight defense”

Opens the Catapult Tower and Oil Boilers.

For the construction of the “Tower of the catapults” you need to establish a good production of stone with a margin. Moreover, the number of these structures is limited by the resources of the stone. You’ll have to think how many and in what vengeance to build them. It’s better not to build up a lot, reducing the stone’s substantially produced resource, since the stone will still be needed for the construction of the destroyed walls.

  • “Training of military engineers.”

Opens the opportunity to build a “Guild of military engineers.” But before starting construction it is necessary to establish production with metal resources. Metal mining should be above 5 units. Since the Guild of Military Engineers requires a metal content, and it is precisely 5 units of metal that are required for the operation of this guild.

  1. After the construction of the Guild of Military Engineers, the opportunity will open up to explore and discover new types of buildings and troops:
  • “Improved storage 2”.

Increases the number of allowed stored resources in warehouses. It also makes it possible to improve the “Farm” to the “Plantation” and the construction of the “Plantation” building.

And also to improve the building of the “House” to the “Manor”, this will allow to receive even more gold and population growth. You can still build “Manor” immediately without improvement. But in reality, many of these buildings cannot be built, since there are not enough resources. So if you decide to build these unique buildings, then it’s better to build them gradually, in a few pieces.

And if they built more than opportunities allow. That is, the risk of disrupting the created economy and de-energizing important buildings. Later, lose the game, because the waves by that time are still strong with the economy problems. And the destroyed walls also need resources that are likely to go to restoration.

If you made a mistake and built a lot of “Manor”, then you can demolish them with consequences in gold and population growth. If gold is still somehow manageable, then problems with the population can be very deplorable.

  • “Strengthening.”

Allows you to build a “Fort” that produces leadership. The gain gives more than the “Battle Banner” and “Bet.” In fact, the Fort can still save space, but you need to build it when there is a direct need and the Stavka building has nowhere to build.

It also opens the improvement of the walls, increasing their strength.

  • “Mushtra”.

It opens up the possibility of hiring a new type of troops, Archer in Armor and Heavy Horse.

“Archer in the Shell” is not very effective due to the short range of attack, but it has more strength. In fact, this strength in the class of long-range type is not particularly relevant.

But the “Heavy Horse” in the game can bring enough positive points. They can take on some of the attacks when breaking through the Taran. The enemy army often uses the “Taran” in the last waves, which can tear down the gate with a few hits. Destroying it is also not easy, even with fiery arrows.

  • “Blocking the area.”

Unlocks the Sitia Tower, which inflicts damage on the area and spreads fire.

After improvements to the Guild of Military Engineers, you can continue to develop the base. In the previous build improvements, we explored the “Guild of Scientists.” This study is best started at the very last moment, after improving all available. Since there are not many resources to support the structures under study, and those that are in difficult places and defending them is not easy. As a rule, such resources are located in the depths of the map, far from the center of the base.

  1. So, having established the production and defense of rare resources, you can research and build the “Guild of Scientists”:

  • “Witchcraft traps.”

Allows you to lay traps on the battlefield. Gas Traps and Fire Traps.

  • “Devotion”.

The study unlocks the structure of the “Temple”, generates religious zeal. Which is necessary for the call of “Mithra.” It also gives you the opportunity to hire Priestesses.

“Priestess” is a kind of healers who treat soldiers and heal from diseases.

  • “Herbalism.”

After the study, allows the “Priestesses” to heal the “Pestilence.” And increases the strength of the fortress by 400 units.

  • “Witchcraft illusions.”

After research, it becomes possible to cost the Eye Tower. This structure is effective against demons. But maintaining it requires rare types of resources, such as Star Stone.