Outriders about the new details of the description of the game and its character classes

Most recently, developers from the studio People Can Fly talked about the details of the game Outriders. We can say that many moments in the game impressed us very much. Since the development, information about this game has already been provided. But, she was superficial and not fully understood. The game is planned to be released in its final form in 2020.

Since the public was given to understand that this game is made in the genre of shooter with RPG elements. And some information regarding the plot. It was known that not a large group would have to fight the evil that is behind the large doors and the wild fantastic inhabitants of the Inox world.

And more recently, the developers presented new details about the game Outriders. This time, from the available information, it can be said that the game is a mixture of different genres of RPG, action and shooter.

Characters in battle can use ranged weapons and at the same time use their abilities in different versions. And also during the battle to gain experience, which in the future can be spent on skills and abilities.

About the introduction to the game.

Players will be given the opportunity to adjust the interface for themselves. You can remove any unnecessary elements or add. For example, you can leave on the screen a scale with health, abilities and weapons. Or even leave some weapon display elements on the screen.

A system of difficulty passing under the player’s playing style will be implemented, where the player himself will be able to adjust the hostile world for himself. For example, you can increase the level and get a more valuable reward for completing it. The usual difficulty is also available, which will allow you to enjoy the storyline company and the passage of the game.

Difficulty levels are set up in such a way that on the one hand, players may be more interested in playing. When there are more worthy opponents. On the other hand, in the event of a defeat, players will lose their experience. Which accumulates during the passage of the game. And it will not be impossible to establish a more complex level.

At the same time, with each completed “World Level”, players receive new epic equipment or weapons. So you have to make a choice from the side of a more optimal level of complexity, so as not to lose the time spent passing.

Recall that Outriders is a cooperative game, and the passage is possible both alone and in a pair with a friend. Recently it became known that to such a passage, it will be possible to connect to other freely playing players. Thus creating a team.

About the plot.

A small group of colonists, on orbital ships, found a new planet in the vastness of the universe, called the “Monk”. Not large groups of scientists were landed to conduct research and evaluate the possibility of living.

After some time, a group of landed people came across an anomaly that was on this planet. Some people became sick and began to change. Some of the patients were placed in incubators, but failed to leave the planet.

Those who were in the incubators woke up after a while. And the world that they saw at the beginning of the landing on the planet has changed a lot. Anomalous storms raged on the planet and changes occurred. And with the planet, the surviving colonists changed.

The new planet “Inok” deprived people of humanity, but in return gave incredible power. And every day they forgot about their past and were approaching a new future.

About character classes.

According to the developers, the game has 4 classes of characters. Which in the future can be pumped. And everyone, at the bottom moment, has 3 final specializations, which become available from the chosen direction of development.

During the game, the pumping points that were spent on the character and his skills can be reset. And study the development process for another specialization. In the process of development, characters of a certain class have 8 skills. And in battle you can use only any 3 skills out of 8.

At the moment, we know about 3 classes out of 4. Perhaps one of the classes “Classified” will be known closer to the release of the game. At the same time, the developers talked about only one class, these are Tricksters. Little information is known about several other classes.

Pyromancers (Pyromancer).

Able to control explosive power, volcanic energy and destructive fire elements.


This is a character with stealth capabilities. It can pass through space and time. Able to travel a small distance in a short period of time, faster than a bullet.

Designed to penetrate the rear of the enemy and inflict sabotage and quick change of location. And his ability to slow down enemies makes it easy to deal with fast targets.

This class can recover its lost melee health points when it kills enemies. As a bonus to this, his shield is still being restored.

During development, there may be one of three specializations: Manipulator, Harbinger, or Killer.

“Manipulator”. It has bonuses when moving and bonuses on melee weapons, like a shotgun.

“Precursor”. This is a kind of tank. He receives enhanced shields and damage absorption.

“Assassin”. This specialization will allow the character to do maximum damage with skills. And there are additional ways to replenish health.

Abusive (Devastator).

They possess the power of the earth and are capable of striking by earthquake in their radius.


At the moment, this character class has not yet been presented to the public.

About the combat process.

In the game Outriders, the characters do not have first-aid kits. And the only way to restore health are swift attacks and the destruction of the enemy. Consequently, the combat process forces the player to move and apply aggressive tactics on the battlefield.

And to help the ranged weapons, there are special active attacks that can defeat the enemy in one hit. With the exception of bosses, as they have more strength points.

In some cases, enemies climb the character from different angles. Therefore, you need to move and even run. In other cases, actively use shelters, but do not stay too long. For example, until the period of completion of skills and again in battle.