Star Wars Squadrons new space game details

Star Wars Squadrons is an action in outer space on spaceships, from the studio of the developer MOTIVE. The game is dedicated to the film STAR WARS, where players assume the role of a spaceship pilot. And the battle takes place within the framework of space and a combat fighter. The game is planned to be released in 2020.

About the battlefields.

At the moment, developers are presenting players with about 6 cards. Each card with its own landscapes and features. In some case, they managed to transfer part of the atmosphere from the film to the game.

  • Place of operations “Yavin – Prime.”

Yavin Prime, this area is a gas giant, which is located in the outer ring. One of Yavine’s moons has 4. This territory once belonged to the “Rebels”. And it is still a key territory.

  • Place of hostilities “Esseles”.

The Esseles space is next to the New Republic and is controlled by its Empire. On this territory, the “Empire” has a post for intercepting information, which allows for the control of nearby territories.

For the “Empire” this territory is important, as it allows you to detect the ships of the “Rebels”. And to the “New Republic” this territory is important in that it removes control of its closest territories. And consequently gets an advantage in tactical and offensive actions.

  • Place of operations “Doki Nadiri”.

This territory is important for the “New Republic” in that starships are made here. The plant is located in the very depths of the Bormea ​​sector on the border of the Ringali. The loss of this territory could turn into a big loss for the New Republic, and protection is important at all costs.

For the “Imperial” army, this territory as a key object, which will allow the production of modern fighters to be abandoned for some time. So it can provide an advantage over the “Rebels”.

  • Place of operations “Sissubo”.

Sissubo is the seventh planet of the Chandril system in the Bormea ​​sector. Once around this planet, the Star Hawk pilot project was being held, after which it was surrounded by the wreckage of imperial ships. Large ships are very difficult to fly, as debris can damage the ship’s skin.

  • Place of operations “Galitan”.

Galitan is a distant satellite in the Ringali area. Due to the elements on the planet, it broke up into asteroids.

  • Place of operations “Zavianskoe abyss”.

Zavianskoe abyss is in the region of “Expansion”. It is surrounded by asteroids due to electrical elements and the wreckage of ships that once tried to fly by.

About the plot.

The plot of the game will be based on the film between 6 and 7 episodes. After the death of the second Death Star. The rebels are trying to remove the Empire from their territories and meet fierce resistance. The empire responds with its space squadrons and ships. Conflicts in outer space are common.

Units of pilots Vanguard Squadron and Titan Squadron are taken to defend their sides. The Vanguard Squadron squad belongs to the rebel side, while the Titan Squadron squad represents the interests of the empire.

Game process.

The pilots who entered the service will conduct space battles from one side and the other. And at the beginning of the pilots are waiting for primary tasks. After they pass, pilots can reach the main tasks of destroying large space cruisers. At the same time, one of the parties will have to fulfill the role of protection and cover its large ships.

At the very last stage of the task, players and their pilots have to destroy the enemy space flagship. Which will need to be the first thing to disable the modules and key goals on its body. After the destruction of all modules, the team may be assigned a victory.

The control of the spacecraft comes from the cockpit. The cockpit features a dashboard that reflects the status of the ship and its basic configurations. And also not a big radar, on which you can see enemy targets.

The developers tried to make the battle process as realistic as possible. To convey to the player an unforgettable experience from the combat process. Some ships fly at a decent speed and have good mobility.

For example, gaining speed, you can crank aerobatics. And controlling the thrust of the engine of the spacecraft, you can sharply turn in the opposite direction. And shoot in one gulp at the enemy ship, which pursued being behind.


The developers implement the ideas of the Star Wars franchise film several times, and each time the games get better. Technological progress does not stand still and develops giving developers all the best tools.

In the game Star Wars Squadrons, developers realize the possibility of VR helmets and adapt to almost all platforms. And system requirements should allow to cover the maximum number of users, since they are not very large. But, in terms of VR helmets, the system requirements are higher.

Recommended system requirements:

Processor Model: Intel i7-7700 / AMD Ryzen 3 3200G
RAM: 16 GB of memory
Video card: GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Disk space: 30 gigabytes of hard disk space