Conan Unconquered RTS Real-Time Survival Game Description

Conan Unconquered is a real-time RTS strategy with elements of survival in the desert world of Conan the Barbarian. You have to defend the fortress, build a protected settlement and gather troops. The key objectives of the game is to protect the settlement from the attack of the mighty hordes of Highboria. In the successful passage and repulsion of attacks on the fortress in the game there are the main characters who have special abilities. At the beginning of the mission, you can choose one of 4 heroes with different features.

The development of the game was done by Petroglyph studio and for the first time announced the game in December 2018. And the release of the game itself took place in May 2019. According to the developer, the game can be played many times, and each time the game will be like new. Maps are randomly generated, which means that the fortress and resources for development will be in different places. We can say that each completed mission will be new. Each card is unique and holds many secrets.

According to the plot, the people of Khorai lived in peace and prosperity for a long time. But years of prosperity have made people lazy and mild. An insidious tyrant, a sorcerer named Tugra Khotan, decided to take advantage of their weakness and capture your kingdom. You must take your people out of the apathy that has seized them, organize defense and repel the attack of monsters. And if possible, capture important artifacts.

There are several game modes for your choice:

  • Single mode (script).

In this mode, you will develop your settlement and repel the attacks of the enemy hordes of Tugra Khotan alone. And pass the mission. After completing the mission, comics are opened in which the plot is told.

  • Unconquered mode.

In this mode, you can customize the game as you wish. Customize resources, map size, number of enemy waves, difficulty and other technical issues.

  • “Joint game” mode.

A kind of cooperative mode for two players. Each of the players can build and develop the base in the same way as if he would play in “single player mode”. In “Joint mode”, each player has his own resources. At the same time, surpluses from the filled resource storages are transferred to the allied player. If there is no market, but if there is a market, then such resources will be sold.
Almost all buildings become common, except for the training field. You can repair or improve each other’s structures. At the same time, the costs of training and command and control of the army are not divided. But the costs of maintaining the army are divided. Thus, in order to assemble a large army, it is better to agree with an ally.

The results of research in the “Guilds” are general. This means that after research about the player can use these results.

There are two types of resource production in the game:

  • Basic resources.

These are resources that are produced once after the construction of the corresponding building. And in order to get more resources, you need to build more buildings giving such a resource. Such resources include food, influence (leadership), population (slaves), souls.

  • Produced resources.

These are resources that are produced continuously after the construction of the corresponding building. Produced resources accumulate after the time specified in the “Timer”. And after production they are placed in storage. These include gold, wood, stone, livestock, iron, star stone.

It is important to note the limited resources of the game. Most of the buildings, in addition to the cost of construction, also require constant maintenance. Many unique buildings cannot be built because they require rare resources, which are very few on the map. And the player will have to choose how many and what type of structure to build. Rare resources include iron and star stone. These resources are further from the fortress and require special attention to defense, as they are located closer to the beginning of the horde attack.

In our opinion, in the game, the developers paid enough attention to the economy. Not only is the player in almost constant tension from enemy attacks, he still needs to think about the rational construction of buildings. And before you start a certain study, you must first establish the production of resources, so as not to waste money. It is one thing to simply build a building, another thing to maintain it. And if production for building maintenance is not enough, then it will stop working and may turn off other buildings.

For example, you built a building that requires a tree in content, and the produced resource is not enough for further production. Subsequently, all buildings that require a tree resource for maintenance will simply turn off and will not work. If the tree in the vault is over. Therefore, this moment will also need to be calculated. It is better to keep the production of a resource in good quantity with a margin. Since enemy units can destroy several buildings that produce this resource.

Minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Core i3 (dual core) @ 3Ghz + or equivalent
Video card: Intel HD Graphics 620 or DX11 graphics card w / minimum 1GB dedicated RAM
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB